September 09, 2012

9-11 - A Day to Remember ~

No words needed here!
9-11 marks the birthday of my Silver Fox. He is 75 on September 11th this year. I [we] have been so amazingly blessed to have spent 53 of those years married. We first met on a blind date on May 28, 1958 and were married June 21, 1959, a few weeks after my high school graduation. He was serving his fourth year in the U.S. Navy.  I cannot share enough pictures or stories to adequately show you what a man God has placed me alongside. It's one of those things-You just had to be there, as a part of the Harrisonhouse.


Yes he is still Gorgeous-My Silver Fox 2012
I  describe him as a Gentleman-then & now.
 I have also heard loved ones refer to him as an honorable man.
Another said: "They just don't make men like that anymore"

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  1. What an honor to have a chance to wish you a happy 75th, Silver Fox! Thank you for being the honorable gentleman of whom Jonell and others speaks so highly. Those are traits that leave an impact and make a difference, sometimes across the miles and the generations and they even travel by blogwaves. May you be celebrated in style and know that many are grateful for the legacy of your life well lived!

  2. Happy Birthday, Mr. Silver Fox! I hope it will be full of fun and cake! You two are lucky that your blind date has lasted so long and continues on!

    And, now for Mrs. Silver Fox : ) ... tag you're it!! Here's a fun game that I'm passing on to you! Go to my post to see! Have fun!!

  3. Happy Birthday to you! Happy Birthday to you! Happy Birthday Mr. H.... Happy Birthday to you!!! Praying for many MANY more years of happiness for the two of you! :) Love you both, dearly... and will always hold you both as wonderful role models.... God blessed me to have you step into my path....



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