September 13, 2012

Saturdays are for Swinging-

Over the years after we moved to Texas and the Grands began
to enter the picture we accumulated lots of  snapshots of family
grouping in /around the porch or outdoor swing. As I sort them
out of the hundreds [maybe thousands] of those in boxes I will
share them-perhaps we'll call them "Swinging Families" if I don't
come up with something better in the meantime.

Saturdays are for Sitting, Sipping, Swinging & Swapping Stories and Advice
Childhood memories for me are where Saturday and Summertime memories
 merge into one picture, same moods, same sounds.
Saturdays and Summer Days  [my story] are quiet, slow, lazy days.
Some were not of course but these are what I chose to drop into a permanent
file for safe keeping & sharing.  Now when a Saturday turned out to be
"going to town day" that was totally different.  That story and memories goes into
a totally separate special file.
21st Century Saturday memories for Children will take on a  different
tone all together. They will be matted, framed and displayed in new ways.
That's not my story-It may be yours. You get to share that.

Next year I will be a teenager-

Yes I did build it myself - No help from the U.S. Govt.

Intimate Family Moments-


  1. What a beautiful swinging family you have. It's a great reminder to slow down, sit with people you love and enjoy the moment.

  2. Love it! Don't you just love the stories wrapped up in things like a porch swing? You bring the thoughts of special ordinary days to life!


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