September 06, 2012

P is for Persnickety

P is for Persnickety-likely what I in my recent years have been called.  Oh, no not directly spoken to me but we all know "it's the thought that counts."

You see in recent years as I am getting older and older get the picture., I like things done just the way I like things done. I really expect [dream on] people to return things back to the spot, drawer or shelf where they found it. I expect people to leave the bathroom at least as they found it if not better. Personally I like a bit better. I mean, really, why ask me where the kitchen scissors are when you know I return them back to that same first drawer to the left of the stove in the last section to the left...Always. Well, almost always. I'm not THAT PERFECTIONIST.  When we get this far along into the 8th decade of life..we know loved ones are going to find things they describe as: "Oh, well you know how Mom is, or Gramma is ..."

So why not attach a label to myself and I chose a neet word like Persnickety just to be a bit distinctive.  [I'm sharing with Jenny Matlock today-Join us!]

Jenny Matlock


  1. Thanks for visiting my blog and leaving a nice comment. I like your choice of 'P' word, it describes me many times as well.

  2. Yep, I completely understand! I have to really restrain myself from rearranging if someone puts their dishes in the dishwasher the wrong way! We won't speak of the bathroom, however....

  3. You're not persnickety - you're organized, just like a lot of us (or we try to be anyway). Great entry for "P"!

  4. I think persnickety is a prerequisite to either motherhood or growing older and I'm definitely in both cases here.

    I think everyone has a certain way of doing things and it can be maddening when someone pulls away from the way one does things. The one thing I've noticed about being persnickety is as I get older I am more tolerant and am grateful when someone pitches in to do chores even if it's not exactly the way I do it. =D

    Great 'P' post!

  5. Cathy I agree- and these days we seem to need more of that "pitching in" than ever-we had family doing just that last week and got two major yard jobs thankful we were.


  6. great post! Persnickety is such a fun word! And if you like it, then it's cool to wear it!! :)

  7. I'm definitely persnickity, but everyone else just calls me picky (for short, right?). Oh, Jonell, I love to come by and hear about what you're thinking. I've been lost in my projects and trying to make something out of all that nothing I've been gathering. It's daunting and nothing is getting done very quickly since there are soooo many things in the works. Thanks for checking on me. It always makes my day!

  8. 8th decade!?

    Wow. I love that you're blogging. My Mom has a hard time with the concept of virtual friends!

    And I love you're still trying to control things being put back.

    I share you frustration with things like I guess I'm persnickety too!

    It's better than being unable to find anything, though!


    It was fun popping in here today!

    Thanks for a fun link!


  9. Jenny: :^) just for clarification> I am 71 BUT anything past 70 is into the 8th decade ok? I said that in S.S. one Sunday and one of my friends[ same age] was aghast- No, she said-Yes, I countered [w clarification] I'm willing to claim the years but not enxious to add 10 for sure. Thanks for stopping by Gramma' House.



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