September 03, 2012

Look What I Found~

Some Things When Discovered on the Internet are Too Good to Keep Secret-They Should Be Shared~

That was my thought about an article I just found on Dave's Garden site. I couldn't wait to share it with all of you.

This link connects you to an article on Dave's Garden site.  The author is Sharon Brown and this is how she introduces herself to us:

"I am a retired high school art and humanities teacher. I grew up in the Appalachian mountains of southeast KY and now I live with my two rescued cats, Jazz and Daisy, in far western KY. I am an artist often doing commissioned work, and in addition to writing articles for Dave's Garden, I also write boating stories for a nautical magazine as well as other venues. My greatest loves are writing, painting, my 5 year old grandson, then learning the history of our numerous wildflowers in Kentucky. And, of course, there's gardening. ". Read, Enjoy, Share~

Read on  for a sneak peek of the story telling-
"I could hear Gramma in Laura's words, I wonder if they knew each other in another time, another place.  The surprising thing is that Laura calls it Jellamy, too, that thick jelly that is not nearly as chunky as jam.  I have many friends on Dave's Garden who can foods, just as I did when my children were small and I had a family to feed.  I gave many gifts of canned goods at Christmas time.  I don't can produce anymore, since I only have myself and my cats to feed, but now that I see pictures of the cans my friends have made, and now that Laura has brought back all my Gramma memories, I think I might just go out and see if I can find any fresh berries...or maybe apples and pears.  Surely I can call on Laura if I need some help.  And maybe someday, we can share our Jellamy!" Author- Sharon Brown 2008 at

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  1. I love Dave's Garden! There are so many great articles and info.


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