August 31, 2012

Small Town America- It's Worth Holding Onto

A Georgia Girl's View- of Plains the Hometown
of President James Earl Carter & Rosalyn Smith-Carter

I grew up a bit southeast , though not far, from Plains Georgia. 
 I'm thinking it was about a three hour's drive away but in the
1940-50's that was not a trip often taken.  Three hours away was
almost ANOTHER COUNTRY. In Bacon, Ware & Pierce
counties there were small towns much like this
[Alma, Blackshear, Waycross] and like Plains they all have struggled to maintain any semblance of the past we once knew.  I am fortunate to have memories of these now historical Main Street settings and now in the 21st century live in one of those that has managed to hold onto some of that flavor from the past.  As with all these small town experiences they are now surving only through much hard work and ingenuity of local , usually lifelong residents.  A short tripto take in these sights is well worth the time.  For many it's just Nostalgia..for my generation-It's Real.

The Plains Inn is above the large antique store,  wonderful inventory and lots of it.  Bring Money.
You will spend some.  Find the Inn on the internet at  It has seven rooms each decorated with a different theme including one PRESIDENTIAL SUITE.

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  1. Oh gosh, this looks so fun. Why more people don't want to preserve what's left of the old towns is beyond me. People are only going to grow more and more interested. Thanks for giving us a looksee!


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