August 10, 2012

Can We Find Gramma & Pop Something to Do~

[Turn them loose with a little free time on their hands and they end up in the old Downtown Montgomery ALLEYWAYS - ] 
On the way back from another necessary trip to Birmingham we decided to indulge ourselves and check out the Montgomery  Wintzel's seafood restaurant location. I had been WAY BACK IN THE 1960's to the original location in Mobile [that's a story!] but had never been to one of the several new, updated  Wintzels restaurants. By reputation and browsing the internet menu  that it had to be at least  wonderful. It was. We knew about  the downtown restoration -a glimpse of the changes. Ted spotted the ALLEY -noted we might check it out-A first glance into the alleyway & I am retrieving my little digital camera. Our response?  This setting is breathtaking- as we  remember prior to this fabulous project it was nothing more than functional, utilitarian space getting you from point A to point B to take care of business. My take away from this little tourist walk through-Bring Family and Friends and stage some to die for photos-

What a great spot for taking [staging] photos

The scene with the lime green chairs  was once [pre restoration] a utilitarian loading dock-
And the view with multiple balconies is now trendy loft apartments-

A bit of free time and they are roaming the city-yes, the Alley[s] in downtown Montgomery [Al].  Alleys- not what they once were.

After winding through the ALLEYS this is where we came out-
 My husband the model..he has become resigned to my Camera
in hand -now when I point he just gives in and
 waits for me to capture  the moment-
"She's going to do it-I might as well let her do her thing  & get
done with it." [th]

These tables line the center of one Alley-Do you understand
SPEECHLESS/DROOL [that would be ME]

Yes, I know I am showing off THE BAR SCENE..just ignore that
and look at the brick work and the repurposing restoration-I
seriously doubt if it were this beautiful when it was first built or perhaps
the transformation gives us the new [or renewed] Appreciation for the
work -the craftsmanship, the vision.
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  1. Oh what fun! I love trips like these - exploring, nothing planned, just walking and enjoying. Great photos & yes, yes - would be a great space for family pics!! :)


  2. Why are you leaving us hanging?? What did you eat?? Lol!! Well it truely is a neat looking area...fine looking model you got there too!!

    I had a blackened grilled fish..can't rem what kind;something I hd never heard of and Ted had the same fish but not blackened. I knew anything would be good but we had to be cautious not knowing how my husband would be able to handle..IT WAS SOOOOOOO GOOD. Lots atmosphere and yumnmmy. Gotta do that again.

  4. What a great adventure. Your pictures were beautiful. And, I love that your husband now just stops and poses when you request. The life of being married to a blogger :)

  5. Hey Jonell! Heather left a comment and I got confused! It's great to meet you! You live in one of my most favorite places! I lived in Enterprise for awhile, and we got married in Elba at the Coffee County Court House! Hubby lived in Elba when he was little. My folks lived in Abbyville before they went to be with the Lord. I would rather live in south Alabama than anywhere, but hubby's job keeps us here in central Fl. Maybe one day!

    Have a great weekend!!!

  6. Anonymous8/10/2012

    Great photos, I love old brick buildings, nothing like them!

  7. Woo hoo! You did it! You slunk around the alley back by the bar and snapped loads of great shots. Those tables are too much! What beautiful brickwork and what a sweet place to stroll. Love that your husband is obliged to be your model. Love it!

  8. Looks like a wonderful place to be. I love the vintage brickwork and nostalgia. Thanks for sharing with Share Your Cup.

    1. Jann,that was 5 years ago with only a year to go (together) Looking forward♡


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