August 28, 2012

Lest I Forget~~To Be Thankful

I choose to look at what is right and not dwell on what is wrong. If I can't fix it, no need to spend time beating myself up over it.

 I simply choose to say: "Jesus, would you get that?" [ Isn't that just the neetest phrase-"Jesus, would you get that" ]

I have so many reasons to praise God:
  • Zack and Samantha both got braces off -beautiful smiles! Hooray God! Our daughter and family finally got settled into a home just 3 hours away after being 18 plus hours away in Iowa for 5 years.  Hooray God! Our oldest grand daughter Dylan has gotten back in school [college] Way to go-Praise the Lord!
  • We just took a half hour off to go vote in local election-Thank God we are can vote and expect it to be counted.  And Yes, thank God we have a good automobile with gas in it to go vote. 
  •  A church family member just told us she's praying for us-Thank you God-we are counting on those prayers.
  • The weather thanks to Isaac  is so unpleasant and thank God for AC.  Hooray God! Did I mention how thankful we are to have AC that works..a few weeks ago we came home from Doctors' appointments to find our AC totally disabled. We panicked. Thank God the dealer we purchased it from 6 years ago realized we had a LEMON and arranged to do the right thing and totally replaced it! AMEN! Hooray God,
  • Ted's birthday coming up in a few days & I thank God I can run to the store and buy supplies for a family gathering. Have I failed to mention what a Joy and Blessing our four children, their spouses and the Grands are to us? They are! Praise God from Whom all Blessings flow !
  • I have socks to keep my feet warm and dry. I hear many people in the wake of super storm Sandy do not.
  • I still have my husband with me as we are 71/75 years old. Many women around me who are my age are already alone.
  • My small pantry is basically full..more groceries than I will use before our next grocery shopping
  • While I have little bank account is not completely empty I have no real needs. If challenged to make a list of 10 things I actually all honesty I could not. 
  • All our adult children have jobs-some people do not.
  •  This is not the complete Thankful List but you may abandon me if I try to complete it. Now, make your own THANKFUL LIST.

We know there are difficult days ahead..but we don't travel this journey alone. He promised.
 p.s. April 2014  When I made the notes above Ted had just had his first Chemo & looking back we had at that point used up several of the 18 months we had left together on earth.

God is Good....Still



  1. Jonell, your positivity and faith are very inspiring. I loved reading your list of things to be grateful for. You are a glass half full kind of a gal and that is so inspiring.

  2. Thanks for coming by and always brightening up my blog with your absolute sweetness. I so wish I came that way more and could do a meet up. How cool would that be! I can't often afford to travel, so I don't get to go to B'ham often. It had been two years between trips. Cally comes to us usually, but I will definitely keep you in mind if I have the pleasure of getting back that way. You can count on it!


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