August 06, 2012

A BLOGGER~What Is That?

*Warning: You may want to schedule your reading-It's a lengthy post
This will not be a Stump the Old Lady game- I have answers for you.
Just a preface to my explanations for what I do:  My 'starter blog' was/is 'Down the Lane' at  .  This was early 2009 and as I scroll back to THE BEGINNING [smile here] I see that I had hardly an inkling of what I was doing. I lay awake nights trying to figure out how to actually use the blogspot site and make it do what I wanted to do.  As I made  progress with this site, born and maintained [ minimally] with the intent of recording as much as I could of my family roots,  factual history and of course all the stories recollected from 'way back then-' I also visited other blogs and became restless with  the subject and boundaries I had set for myself. I wanted to stretch and challenge my writing as well as photography and use of the technology. 
The Butterflies
Recognizing that  many of my stories of days gone by ended with or included the phrase: "Like Gramma's House" that was the direction I was to go. I began with that one thought and was reminded very soon that one cannot predict where the path to creativity leads and one must make time for living life else there will be nothing about which to write. Creativity cannot be forced or placed on a has to grab those ideas and develope  before it flits out the windows and off with the butterflies.
A Reminder: My initial motivation for blogging was simply to have  hard copy to place in the hands of my loved ones for a time when they paused to remember and asked themselves: "I wonder what Gramma/Mom was thinking."  Along the way my writing style has improved [or perhaps not-don't tell me ] and I have come 'a way' with the picture taking- [not the place for  your critiques] since however poorly my presentations are now- you must note that I am the Mom you did not give the camera to unless you wanted snapshots w/o heads, arms etc, you get the "picture". Improvement is improvement-no one can deny me that!
My struggle with blogging continues to be resisting the urge to make changes as I see the work of others who are notably so much more talented, capable and likely to be considered at some point  'professional.'  That's okay now. I do resist that temptation. I am content with staying focused on remaining true to who I am and my original goal for this effort. [This is the spot for your reassuring comments or APPLAUSE.]
~Now, let's return to the post subject- " You are  A Blogger-What is That?"

  • A few days ago we had out of town guests /friends from my husbands high school years and as we were about to enjoy our fancy little luncheon on the deck I grabbed my camera [they are all seated, ready to eat] and as I backed away from the staged scene and aimed my handy dandy digital I said: "Sorry about this-I AM A BLOGGER"..first time I have actually said that. Add this to my Biography! :^) *you can see this event recorded with the post title: "Old Friends for the Day"
  • I admire all the super, incredibly gifted bloggers whose paths I cross-has anyone noticed how so many are Canadian neighbors!? Is it something in their climate?
  • Because I blog I am constantly aware of 'pictures' around me-in our daily activities I see the snapshots that need to be recorded and shared.
  • At 71 years old I have been so blessed to have had many opportunities to use the talents and abilities God gave me. I say it this way: "If you live long enough you get to do lots of things." I have.

    • Blog Reader  Bearing Gifts
      Another fringe benefit with this venture is actually connecting with people you have never met in  'real life face to face.'' I've been in awe of Carolyn at & wondered at her sharing gifts from far away blog readers.  Are you ready for this? I recently received my very own FIRST GIFT FROM A BLOG READER whom I have never met. I must confess she has a connection to one daughter-in-law in a city not far away. After being referred to  and reading [ how much, I don't know ] I received this gift from her [pic]. Yes, Yes..brag time here, forgive me if I promise not to do it again?  Scratch that-no promises here. Liz, you did not 'make my day' lady- you made my month, at least. I am honored-Thank you.
    • Bloggers are such generous people. These ladies [all my contacts are women] are so eager to promote what everyone else is share their ideas and resources. We seem to think blogger 'giveaways' are simply a way of attracting followers but not so--We just love having other people share in all the fun we are having-and creating.
    • Prior to this Blog effort I only knew a BLOGGER to be a political animal...young 'journalist' wannabees gaining attention by spreading unpleasant or often untrue news via the internet. The bloggers I connect with are intelligent, gifted people like me with interests that extend into politics but that is not the focus of what they do.
    • In the beginning [blogging] I was introduced to some very popular blogs with zillions of followers but some of them convinced me my blog focus would never be to share minute details of the personal lives of friends/loved ones in a way that would embarass either them or this writer. Content that is too 'in your face personal' is not considered appropriate for this sharing place.
    • Re blog content that is too personal for publication: Sometimes one must 'read between the lines' to discover exactly what is going on at Like Gramma's House..1. If a follower is a close friend or loved one she will know 'the rest of the story' 2. If a reader is not a close personal contact then they won't have a need or  interest in the details that are not spelled out. Enough said!
    We continue to learn:..It is important to know when to stop. NOW!

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    1. Good for you proclaiming your blogger status. You did well to get a shot of your guests to share. It is tough sometimes to say just the right amount in a post. Heaven knows I never know when to shut up. Ha! I love your stories and remember-whens. I relish the chance to hear about the past from your perspective.

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    3. Jonell, what a novel idea, actually doing something with the stuff I've found. Well, that's easier said than done some days. I did use the books I got last time I went hunting. They are in the first shot on my last post behind the window. I have the silver sitting on the tablecloth on a chest I use as an ottoman. I'm thinking of getting a metal stamp set so I can stamp words into the silverware to sell or give as gifts. I do wish I could get myself together to get more done with my finds, but as I try to keep up with this blog, my job, my other blog and tons of other stuff, I find the things I want to do getting shoved aside in order to take care of life maintenance (such as broken washers and dryers, helping my friend at a church conference, etc.). So it goes! I tend to go in spurts. I need to get myself outside and get some work done that requires the sander, the saw and the drill. Not looking forward to that. It was 99 out earlier when I went out to hang the clothes I washed at my friends house. Blah!


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