August 13, 2012

This is The Day....

I started my morning off by rushing around... breakfast... seeing the hubby off to work... getting my little one dressed... off to the bank... bills paid.... groceries... cleaning... rushing, rushing, rushing.... Without a doubt, it has been a Monday.  I think Monday's are so difficult, because they follow Sunday.  I really don't think they are busier than the other four work week days, but Monday's are difficult because they follow Sunday...

Aaaah, Sunday.  What a day!  Relaxing, full of family, time to worship, naps, yummy meals.... Sunday. 

It's so easy, once our work week starts to forget exactly why we LOVE Sunday so much.... the best part about Sunday, is time worshipping....

In the midst of my crazy morning, I was reminded, that despite the fact that it's MOOOOOONNNDDAAYY, it's still the day that the LORD has made....

Today I made a printable to remind us all... click the pic - print some off - share them with friends, family members, strangers you may meet - share them with yourself (put it on the dash of your car, fridge, mirror, etc.)..... remember, God's not just the Peace Speaker on Sunday - He can be a part of your mundane Monday, too!! 

Hope you all have a wonderful week!!



  1. What a sweet observation Heather-I never thought of it that way..the contrast between a peaceful carefree Sunday and the hectic or mundane Monday. That's one of my fav verses and I sing it 'any day of the week.'

    Loving you,

  2. This was always my favorite folk song from church.

    I will be singing this all day now...

    ...much to my hsuband's dismay!


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