August 19, 2012

~ On the Way Home

 Okay, so it's not The Longest Yard Sale Adventure- You work with what you have. It often seems one comes across the  FINDS when you're not even searching,however; I must admit I have over the years learned to  have a mental list of sorts stashed in a 'back burner' file and it's like turning a switch, flipping that file open when we get out at an unexpected roadside flea market or walk into a nondescript junky [ say grunge] place-that mental list just seems to slide forward and as my face begins to show a
silly little "I've got a secret" kinda look, give the place a quick appraisal.  Yes, there are possibilities here! Wait, don't look so eager-you don't want to rob that shop keeper of the joy of actually making a pitch and wrapping up an easy sale because he is good at what he does. In other words-a little 'poker face' might be in order.The games we play-but what fun we have playing them.  Over so many years Ted has learned and occasionally he is even ahead of me. [remind me to tell you about the BURLAP BAGS]Anyhow~ there they are out along the two lane highway ..the small group of impromptu vendors. It hasn't been a good day & they're giving it up-loading up  their trucks/vans.
After a few minutes of  obligatory haggling over price and condition we quietly conferred, agreeing there was nothing unreasonable about the price of the bicycle. It had all the features I want..meaning NO's  only speed is whatever physical effort the rider invests in it. Now I Would have no excuse for not exercising. No fitness center trip to town-no special equipment...Just me and my Bike. I don't think I have ever had a bicycle of my own [life long] only access to those of our kids.
No it was not new. No it was not perfect. Yes, it'showing some rust here and there. Yes, it can use some sprucing up but that's not major. Even the tires seem okay after My husband aired them up properly. He adjusted the seat to Low, Lower, Lowest [ hey I'm short people] and adjusted the handlebars to Mom angle. so now all I  have to do is FIND MY SNEAKERS. But-no, you will not hear about the first couple of trips up the hill to the baseball park. I will only allow you this much personal and personally embarrassing information-IT WAS A CARDIO WORKOUT. Oh, yes I almost forgot to drop the $$$ info -a mere $30. for my first wheels-at least it's not a tricycle. I just remembered in my 'basket' stash I have a woven [if not wicker] basket for a bicycle. It's a start..when we 'get all dressed up" I will share again , I promise!
[There is a part II to this 'stops along the way home' ]  jh
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  1. Oh. how. cool! Now, I want one! :) Way to go... that really is a great price & so much fun to ride!! It'll be so cute when you refinish it..... can't wait to see!!


  2. That is a fine looking bike for the price so no wonder you are excited. My community has one hill after another so I am sure biking would not be for me. That's my excuse, anyway. Good for you for going for it!------ Shannon

  3. Miss Jonell!!! You STOLD that bike!!! Lol!! Good job!! I have one similar but it's just tooooo hottttt to do anything now.

  4. I AM SO GLAD YOU GIRLS APPROVE!! Tina, you think I stole the bike? Wait until you hear our "burlap" story-No, No, you have to wait for the post in a few days. [How's that for a teaser?]

  5. Wow. This sound fun!

    I love the color!

    And see?

    You never really do forget how to ride one!

    You just forget how much it makes your muscles hurt - ha!

  6. Jonell, I would love to see you riding this bike. You are too adorable. I can't wait to see your bike accessorized with your bike basket.

  7. Anonymous8/21/2012

    Oh I love bike riding...and I have a similar bike...but mine's all cream...with a wicker basket. I haven't been out riding much this summer...too busy working my days away here in the studio...but I really should get out before the weather turns....

    Your bike is so cool, and wow...what a bargain woman! Good for you! Have fun with your cardio workouts...all you need is an iPod with great music and a pair of headphones...and you are good to go!

    ciao bella
    Creative Carmelina

    I love the way you write, by the way!


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