August 31, 2012

Searching for the Perrrr-fect BLT~

I  just have to tell you about our lunch at the "Buffalo Cafe. I have long recognized that when restaurant choices are limited or I am unsure of what to try in a new place it's hard to go wrong with a basic BLT. I recall saying on numerous times, "No one can mess up an order for a BLT."  I have been proven wrong..But it not at the Buffalo Cafe in Plains, Georgia.  I placed my 'safe choice' order and they produced a Perrrrrrfect Bacon-Lettuce-Tomato Sandwich.  I can enjoy playing the Tourist Role in good spirits if I can manage to be served decent food in a decent place..fancy or simple, the requirements are the same. If I had known  how pleasant the outdoor garden area was out behind the Cafe we would have enjoyed our little meal outdoors. I suggest you try that when you slow down and take in Plains, Georgia. Tell them a Georgia Girl from Mershon sent you.

Here we go, gotta spend that money we just "saved" on the
Burlap Deal so lets try for a light lunch at the

When you enter the Buffalo Cafe keep walking straight ahead past the cash
register & through the supply storage area and out the door you will
find this lovely lovely surprise. Sure, take your lunch with you and pop up an
 umbrella to make your shady spot..enjoy the back side of Main street.

 Jonell found that $4.00 tablecloth at the first stop-
Let's see what else we can uncover down here.
A lovely tablecloth [52 " square ]  ''like new" condition for $4.00 and the little man let me help him with labeling some sweet, vintage table linens.

Mr Bobby here must be a really nice man. He's the one who readily agreed on the $1. each
price for the burlap peanut bags. I don't think this was the first time a tourist had asked to
take a picture with the warning that it would end up on an internet blog.
{post script ]
That would be 'Bobby Salter' I'm thinking after reading the sign outside the store.

It's time to say good bye to a little spot along the way-barely a Crossroads. I don't think the spotlight has changed the pace around here.  It's kinda like the pause that refreshes-takes one back  to another time-when everything was slower, quieter and seemed so much smaller & uncomplicated. It was!

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  1. That courtyard with the tables WAS sweet. I love that you are sharing all your tips with us. Who day maybe I'll make it there. Love the old looking shops!


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