October 17, 2015

Country Life-

Country Living-The Real Thing

Just a guess but I will go out on a short limb and say this house pictured could be 100 years old-likely a bit more. If these pictures and bits southern historical trivia catch your interest see more on Face Book /Grits & Gravy

Source-Found on Face book Grits & Gravy /
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I lived in houses just like this growing up in the rural south Georgia area in the 1940's and 1950's-
Many years later it was like a dream come true [ strange as it may sound] that my husband and I were able to buy a very large farm in Southeast Texas with a 1906 dog trot farmhouse where we lived for 13 years pouring all our creative energy, and lots of as we say 'sweat' into making that farmhouse into what was sometimes described as a museum.

The Harrison House 1993-2006
1906 Dog trot Farmhouse

Indeed even now with my more modern home but with treasures gathered & kept over the years, I could furnish and decorate that house [above] with appropriate furnishings and d├ęcor` - you would be able to put up a sign and charge admission for touring the relic from "our past". No, I'm not kidding.



Happy Chicks

When we had chickens [and dozens of other beasts & fowl] on the farm in Texas we had the original chicken house with roost that raised to the ceiling and the nests attached to the outside wall with plenty of fenced in area to  spread their wings during the day-however; we preferred  to open the gates and let them roam free -only a minor inconvenience, really but such a pleasure, the sights and sounds-clucking sounds as they scurried about searching for nibbles  throughout  the day.  They knew when it was time to make their way back in the Chicken  Residence-and we never had to retrieve eggs mis-laid outside the nests either. 

Source- Life Magazine

I remember my Grandma Mobley sewing for me using fabric saved from bags of supplies like these-feed, flour, etc.  My Husband remembers a time as a young teenager [I think] when he worked for a local Grocer in Jackson, Alabama and ladies would come in to buy supplies but they were very specific in choosing the colors and patterns  they wanted to use for their sewing projects

Source- Grits & Gravy

I don't recall the women in our family wearing this beautiful
style apron as they worked about the house but they definitely
did wear APRONS -If they were up and dressed they were wearing
their apron of choice for the day-I think the aprons were replaced with
fresh clean ones more often than their  dresses perhaps.Of course the
aprons were made from those feed/flour sack bags too.

Source- Grits & Gravy

While I only have my 65yrs plus memories to rely
on this  LOOKS much like what I remember the

OUTHOUSE at the original Mershon, Georgia elementary school looked like.  Of course many of these structures looked much the same so this is a good enough representation of the era unless there is someone from my early life who has a picture they have had hidden away all these years and now want to share it with their recollections?

Source:  Grits & Gravy on Face Book

My narrative regarding this wonderful beyond rustic wagon...We know it was once painted...never saw a new one in anything but RED.  So based on the amount of Rusty character we see it has already had a life..I cannot be sure but it's a safe guess that it came with  the same rear wheels as those on the front so this vehicle's owner was into RE PURPOSING as we are, right/ While I don't ever recall people displaying flower pots in old wagons, I think they would have simply continued to use it around their house/farm as they had prior to it's RUST AGE..Personally I am right there with this creative presentation & use...Stick it in a flower bed...wherever you like and call it NATURAL BEAUTY.

Personal Note:

I appreciate that I am among many others who cherish and even incorporate into their lives bits, pieces of the life we of my generation experienced.  My own grandparents and parents are no longer here and now my family is reduced to the COUSIN tier...our parents are all gone.  I suspect my cousins would agree that as we share and reminisce about our history we all are remembering our parents, uncles and aunts and grandparents..snapshots in our memory even when we don't have some of the hard copies.  Personally I am truly grateful for those known [ our aunt Josephine] and others not know who valued and are now sharing their own pictorial  records of our generation

Looking Forward....

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  1. Jonelle I so love these little tidbits. They so capture the beautiful reminiscence of yesterday. It brings to mind my sweet great grandmother who wore those lovely aprons. I did manage to salvage one of them when she died. I am sure it is probably the only one remaining. I know she had a dozen or more that she handmade. Funny I only remember two dresses that she wore.:) I love the pics of the farmhouse. I would so love to live in one. You have extraordinary taste in picking the most beautiful bits that go so perfectly together. Your lovely house is proof. People pay mega bucks for someone with your eye and taste to decorate their home. You have a gift!!:)

  2. ohmygoodness girl how not only kind but generous in your observations! Without a doubt your note "made my day.!' As I often say "When you live long enough you get to do lots of things [experience] and if you pay attention along the way you should learn a few things. Thanks a million for reading what I write and leaving a note.

  3. Beautiful post and bring memories of grandparents! I remember grandma always wearing an apron on a daily basis, so now I wear one in the kitchen in memory of her. Mom used to make kitchen tea towels from the flour sacks. The one thing I can do without is the outhouse...it was always such a scary thing!!! Have a wonderful weekend!

    1. Hey, I am right there with you on the [opinion of the Outhouse] - Thank you so much for stopping and leaving a great note!

  4. What a lovely post! I have feed sacks from my mom that were her moms...I have plans for them. I, like you, like to incorporate family heirlooms in our home.

    1. Yes, definitely-you have many options-would make great little accent pillows & do you have a bride to be who would treasure a custom made bag for wedding treasures-just a thought- or covering the seat on a little vanity stool. I'll bet you already have dozens of ideas? thanks for the sweet note.

  5. Enjoyed this post so much! Sure brings back some memories for me. Have a great day. Hugs and blessings, Cindy


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