October 15, 2015

Things We do For Strangers Even-

Stopping in front of City Hall today I noticed the car parking beside  me.  The lady in the passenger side started to open her door, stopped & apparently reached into the glove compartment pulled out a hair brush, started to brush her hair carefully, got out of the car and proceeded into the City Hall. 

Now she was ready...

Presentable as she entered our City Hall offices-

[probably to pay her utility bill as I was]

Almost immediately the question crossed my mind-

Why do people do special little things like that for others who are often strangers-at best people whom they only see and speak to once a month for a few seconds or a couple of minutes?

Why not make herself more presentable [before leaving home] for her husband who was with her?

Now, before you pose the same question to me I will answer that:  "Yes, I would & did always try to do that... " 
The norm-not the exception.

That little scene prompted me to consider how many things we do for strangers, the public, casual acquaintances but don't take the time for the same considerations for those close by-
our loved ones.

Are we saving it for company-
As we often do  the good manners,  nice dishes or the pretty table cloths &
Cloth napkins or the good silver-

I surely pray not!

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