October 05, 2015

When Others Are Hurting -

Monday Morning Thoughtful Thoughts

It's Normal To Want To Fix It

When Others Are Hurting

We want to reach out and make it all go away.

Not all of our loved ones are in our family circle
Not all are close by, down the street, across town or just a short drive away.

Often we have left loved ones miles away where we were once connected
And shared our designated time together
As our [life] paths crossed for a time
A few months or
For years.

We still carry them in our hearts
And like our own brothers, sisters or children
That place in our hearts is still


Permanently for that friend.

As with our own children when they were young
We ache to be able to make the hurt go away
As though it never was

Of Course only Jesus Christ our Lord can do that
but we want them to know-We would if we could.

So many questions when these things happen-
How can people who are so loved and adored,

Look away, even a moment and make choices that forever change and affect lifes
Of course the bottom line goes back to

S e l f


How can human beings so blessed -
take hearts entrusted to them and often thoughtlessly trash them

We then have to ponder this question:

How Christ, God, Our Savior-Creator and giver of all that is good

when we do the same

Turn our backs on Him

Walk Away From

My friend, loved one,  wherever you are-
I wish I could
Make it all go away as though it never happened even.

S I N  

And while we usually cannot fix anything
We can share our love and concern
and pray faithfully.


Looking Forward,


  1. Love you so.... I'm so thankful for God ordained appointments with people who leave their marks in my heart forever.... who help carry burdens, love, cry, pray with me.....

  2. Reminders that we cannot base our faith on feelings...feeling will lie to you and ultimately defeat us....even now 25+ mos. along my feelings would if given free reign, draw me into the darkest most hopeless of places. Again, thank God all those hard issues have been settled long ago so at these painful twists in the road we can still say God is Faithful...He will never leave you/me alone...NEVER.

  3. Beautiful post. Thank you!

  4. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this post today! Speaks to my heart at such a deep level my friend. Hugs and blessings, Cindy

  5. you speak truth. (((hug)))


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