December 26, 2014

Along the Way ~ Mile Marker #16


Imagine a scrapbook filled with every moment, conversation, whisper, laughter, secrets, heartaches, trials, victories and celebration...every shared look, hugs & kisses, intimate moments, family gathering, road trip, flea market adventure, home redo project, gardening chores, walk through the woods, searching the roadsides for naturals used for decorating,
every quiet or desperate prayer time shared, early morning greeting while the coffee makes,

December 20, 2014

Oh, Christmas Tree ~

I am not doing an open house tour for you this year but I do think you might enjoy  my tree of choice since 2006[ ]  I call this theme "Shades of White" ~ the only ornaments included are white, gold, silver and clear glass.  Each year I am alert to finding a surprise addition  usually in antique or flea market venues.  I just wait for something to catch my eye and know it's going home with me.
Come,  sit a while and enjoy
the Harrison House 2014 tree
[It won't likely come down until the first week of 2015]

...Short people like me often have recognizable

limits when it comes to lighting and decorating a 9 ft.

Christmas tree.

December 17, 2014

Little Christmas Things ~

This small tree is placed in the equally small breakfast room setting on my truly antique  scales
{There's another story- check it out on the page titled "Everything Has A Story" }
No I have not reached the mile marker in life where my only Christmas tree is an obligatory Table Topper....but I do  claim at least 3 or 4  that measure less than 36" tall.  It's a good excuse for pulling together a few theme  trees.....a kitchen theme could show off things like miniature kitchen utensils or cookie cutters and another in either a bathroom or bedroom might be used for things like a collection of vintage costume jewelry or in the right spot perhaps sports theme goodies like fishing lures would make an impression .{ Just use whatever you have and love to show off }

December 02, 2014

I Choose JOY~

This is the Season of Joy
I just think I shall
Choose Joy!
 Come Along and Share Your Cup Thursday at
Have A Cup Of Mrs Olson

November 26, 2014

Being Thankful

Being Thankful

Just a a note:  Before you make that last list, before you fill the car with gas, before you pack that weekend bag, before you grab that bunch of flowers or the fruit basket for your hosts, before you run the vacuum cleaner one last time, before you make the bathroom company fresh, before you open the blinds & light the candles-
Look around You- (as I am) at the bounty, the blessings of the loved ones around you (or will be soon) Remember for a few moments the gifts of life, breath & (hopefully) Salvation ..the recent gifts of incredible people God has begun to cement into your life/my life to 'shore up' the precious ones already in place (family) and when you have done this I pray you will whisper along with me "what a wonderful God I serve! He can handle anything coming our way..just as He always has- I surrender all."


October 30, 2014

The Days of Our Lives ~

Timely Thoughts  About Time 
and the days of our lives

Mail is sent and received instantly. Work schedules are flexible.

Hardwood floors are EEZZ care. Machines Wash & Dry Our Clothes. 
  Ditto the Dishes! Ironing... What's that?

We often say, "Let's make time." 
We cannot make time of course,
  We do need to use it better.

We have longer 'talks' with Internet contacts
than family and friends. 
We enjoy talking.. often saying little.
 We hear ...not  always listening .

What a joy one whole day would be with dear ones in my life. 
We can't seem to make it happen.

These are 'The Days of Our Lives'...
but for a short while.


post script:  I realize many readers do not browse the side bar 
entries .  If you do this is redundant- Sorry about that!

October 21, 2014

What Now, Lord?

 1 Samuel 7:12-14 An Ebenezer Stone is a “Stone of Help or a reminder of God’s Real, Holy Presence and Divine help." An Ebenezer can be nearly anything that reminds us of God’s presence and help: the Bible, a cross, a picture, a hymn – something that reminds us of God’s love, God’s Real Presence, and God’s assistance.

The rather large rock the the left and at the base of the steps came from the farm in Texas - That's what I call our

Ebeneezer Stone

 I know  I am here by God's Grace. I still see Him all around me & I don't question that.  As I have said so often these past 14 + months all the hard issues have long been settled in my life.

What Now, Lord?  What now?

In days gone by...decades even, I  was almost always leading the parades, heading the committee, wearing the blue ribbons, the crowns and in the local news. 

That was yesterday.  I am not that same person who could always be counted on to  show up & take charge.

Reason and careful thought tells me I must look for new direction...I have stumbled upon a few solutions ....only a few. 

What Now Lord?

Looking Forward,

September 21, 2014

My Safe Place..Space-

''Oh my Lord God of Heaven, Earth, Creation and all that is and will ever be:  In this world with so much suffering, chaos, cruelty, evil and conflict between nations and families and individuals I pray  you Holy Spirit would sift out all this from my brain...from my being and replace it ever so perfectly with calm, order, caring, kindness, patience in our relationships, our communities and families."

As I  sat this morning in my ' hideaway ' my Wisteria Arbor built by my loved one when he knew it would be the last project he would finish from my 'honey do' list....I sat remembering a life, a relationship with another who even more than myself had disdain for conflict...a life and times with more than the usual amount of harmony filling our days.

As a 17 year old when we met then 18+ when we married I didn't even know enough to pray for such amazing things in a marriage but in His perfect plan and merciful  provision He just gave me all this. 

Sitting in this wonderful, though mostly avoided special place [ for the past 13 months] I am remembering good things, sweet precious things not regrets...hardly  a regret can be dredged up..unless it would be a regret there was not even more time. I am sure that's quite normal.I won't pretend this time can always be spent without a melt down with my heart tearing open just as it did 13 months ago. The  tears are not used up yet for sure.

September 17, 2014

I Am So Glad We've Had This Time Together~

I don't know how you found us at "like Gramma's House" whether a random search result or if you were directed from another blog BUT I AM SO GLAD YOU DID!

Just a Reminder:  Some days when you stop by there will be no one at home.  You know here in south Alabama we have chores to do, weeds to pull, bushes to prune and gardens [ no matter how small] to "tend"..woven into my glamorous days are girlie things like scrubbing down the front porch railing, floor, windows and the yucky gutters that are supposed to be white ..CLOROX that's what it needs. 

I am not here to gather a crowd ladies...JUST A FEW SPECIAL PEOPLE LIKE YOU who's number one motive is to have a place to vent your creative juices and challenge yourself with the technology!

You've added BUBBLES to my day!

September 13, 2014

In Between Seasons ~ Weather

We are moments past the worst of summertime in the deep south and days away from being able to legitimately  claim Autumn as a season we know something about.

Any temperature reading below 90 degrees passes for a cold spell in our part of the country so we must be at least 'hopeful' at this in between time in mid September.

 Just claiming  and tagging some of the really sweet places to plop down can just for a bit  alter my attitude.  So let's go browsing around the Yarden [ that's 'Yard and Gardens' at the Harrison House] and find a few special spots to enrich and encourage perhaps help us to focus on what's good and perfect! 

                                  Come With Me ~


This has to be in the month of May because the Oak Leaf Hydrangea is in bloom


August 18, 2014

Ordinary Treasures -

Family pictures truly become treasures when the loved ones are no longer here and also when there are so few of them..

Imagine my surprise when I saw my sister had posted a picture I had never seen of our Mobley Grandparents!! Each picture is like tiny pieces of a puzzle coming together to help complete the picture/the memories.

L-R  Rachel Lee And Marion Albert Mobley
First cousin Beverley Turner White thinks she has the original- Thank you for sharing. Another cousin, Glenda Mobley Keil also confirms that the picture was taken at Aunt Josephine's home in  Atlanta.  I now see clearly the strong resemblance between  Grandma and Aunt Lila Mae and would be willing to wager real money on this....Aunt Josephine bought Grandma a new dress didn't she?  Look at that shiny, fabric and "store bought" looking dress!

We know our grandparents did not leave home [south Georgia] often nor did they have pictures taken often, This makes us doubly thankful that their daughter, Josephine did take pictures everywhere she went then in later years before she died at 94 yrs old she  began to generously share copies of those many pictures with all of us..her nieces & nephews. Thanks a million Aunt Josephine.

Another thing our Aunt Josephine shared faithfully was the GOSPEL written all over the envelopes of the hundreds of cards and letters she mailed to us and many others. When we opened mail from her one could not miss the  bold Bible verses  on the envelopes!!!

August 15, 2014

Mile Marker #12 ~ Remembering The Seasons

[I read recently on Ann Voscamp's blog where she referred to her husband as the Farmer and I remembered saying in these months since I have been without my love that he was 'at heart' a farmer.] He was.

My Farmer 

- 2012 -

September 11, 1937 - August 18, 2013

My forever Smile
I now wear the watch 
and the wedding band-
The cane still hangs on the head of our bed.
The Rocking Chair is empty~

I think I should add farmer to his 'life credits.'  Yes he was born with the heart for Farming. In another time, another century he would have been one of those quiet, strong, steady, resilient pioneers we read about.
The Branson, Mo. trip/Dogwood Canyons

The Texas Years

We couldn't afford to buy a farm so he found a way.  We bought a farm with almost 200 acres with a contract for deed arrangement.   During the Texas years he bought from a local rancher  on 'a hand shake' the livestock he needed to get started [about $10,000.] That was late 20th century not pioneer days. 

August 11, 2014

Old Fashioned Hospitality & Wealth

It seems I have had this conversation often but don't recall posting the same thoughts.  If I have and this is redundant forgive my repetition.

Quilts, especially wonderfully old and somewhat worn quilts crafted long ago with tiny short uniform stitches, remind me of pallets on the floor.  And what, some of you may ask, is a pallet? Of course it's a wooden frame thing that supports heavy loads being transported on trains or trucks.  I know that.

The pallet I refer to is the slight soft bed made on the floor with a folded quilt to accommodate extra overnight guests.  When 'we' were children  a farmhouse bedroom was furnished with usually as many beds as the room  allowed space.  Rarely did I see a bedroom set up with just one bed.  And those two or more beds were generally made up with more than one mattress.  When company continued to pour in  the beds were filled with cousins across and at the foot of the bed..the number determined by the size of the children.  When more beds were needed a mattress came off the bed to a spot on the floor and the routine was many as the bed had room for.  When mattresses and beds were full and still the company is coming the next options is one or more [what ever is needed] QUILTS are folded on the floor to take care of the overflow crowd.  Think about how many people you could sleep with this plan.  It's no wonder a simple two or three bedroom home was able to welcome crowds of uncles and aunts & cousins during times of family reunions and Christmas or Thanksgiving gatherings.  That explains why we always say "There was always room" at our Grandparents or other relatives' houses.  And you were always welcome.

August 09, 2014

Honeysuckle [s]

Just Picture This!

Source: Pinterest

November is the best time to take hardwood cuttings from honeysuckle. Cut a 30cm stem with a bud at the top and the bottom, and insert it 15cm into a slit in the ground, adding a little sand to the slit if your soil is heavy. Give the plant a year to get going before you transplant it #homesfornature

Pink honeysuckle.
I seriously need to find this!  Gorgeous!

August 05, 2014

Porches~ Swings ~ Southern Things

Springtime or Summertime?  This scene was set in March but when one lives in the Southeastern U.S. [Alabama] there is often little difference in Spring and Summer.  The season is easy to identify in pictures by the flowers being used. The Bridal Wreath's blooming branches come in March at our house and it's easy to be inspired by their incredible beauty.  My only problem with them is they don't last long enough.  My repeated observation when they are in full bloom is: "We need a Wedding " properly show them off.

Dining outdoors- lunch in Plains Georgia  outside the Buffalo Cafe

After the Rain ~

From the time I was about 3 years old I can recall loving creation after the rain.  As an adult I haven't changed much in that respect.
[note: written & saved in drafts BC - before Cancer ]
 When morning arrives "after the rain" I am so tempted to bed.  I awaken wanting to still hear the rain coming down outside or on the rooftop.  That doesn't often happen because this old-er house is so well built it really takes a significant weather event to actually hear the rain impacting the house. Sooooo, if I want to experience the weather or remnants of yesterday's then I have no choice but to crawl out of bed.  After all it feels a bit disgraceful to be the last one up.
My hubby is already enjoying his favorite morning spot on the deck with his first cup of coffee.  That seems to be our routine in this decade..well at least this year.
He wakes before me and more often than not I manage to "not hear' him as he prepares to greet the day then a half hour, maybe an hour later I join him, slipping by to my preferred seating-my red chaise and for a while [a southern - 'a while'] we "kinda, sorta" connect with  early morning conversation usually about our individual or mutual observations regarding the weather, the small critters or Creation in general. 
He observes that not many squirrels are walking the rear fence and the grass just won't stop growing.  Could that be because he missed the Friday mowing routine? It doesn't matter-too wet outside now..too early in the morning.
 That goes on the "I'll do that later" list.  [After the Rain]
Looking Forward...
 [moved from drafts January16, 2015]

August 01, 2014

Welcome to My Friend's Garden ~

Photo credit:  Shirley D. Power

 How often during the past eight years I have spoken this phrase: "My friend Shirley.." 

We first met in 1995 when I rented booth space in her newly opened business on the downtown square .  I was pretty much a new comer to the area. Shirl was not. I could hardly be called a 'crafter'  and certainly not an artist, floral designer or decoratorI had never yet heard the word 'blogger.'  With the passing of time I learned one can soak in creativity and even confidence being surrounded by amazing gifted people.

When I find them [again] I will post the picture of S-J-BB here.

Shirley and I became friends in spite of our differences. She was 6ft. tall [at least] next to my mere 5' 2''. We learned to laugh about it. This becomes an issue when women are moving furniture & loading large pieces for customers. Shirl communicated in a thoughtful but very direct manner, seldom raising her voice  while I talked too much & "beat around the bush"  trying not to offend anyone.

I had been married about 36 years to the love of my life while she had been divorced and a single Mother for almost as many years. Shorter version is we could not have been more different. Our association continued and our friendship took root. Looking back, we agree our friendship was based on shared faith in Christ. My friend was a much more accepting, tolerant person.  I often speak  quickly without a filter while Shirl is much more 'thoughtful.'  We learned to each let the other be.

Time passes. I have often heard one is fortunate if late in life you look back and  count on one hand your real friends. Now into the 8th decade of life I am perhaps more selective.  I count two friendships that have not faded with the years. My friend Shirley ..and My friend.....[ Another time/Another post ]

Time passes. Change happens. Today we live about 500 miles apart and both live alone.

 Some things have not changed. That would be my friend's garden and her love for all things natural, growing, blooming or producing.  I can relate!

Please meet my friend ...

Welcome to Shirl's Garden~


My friend is also drawn to all things natural, worn, flawed, cracked or rusty.  That makes two of us! Not everyone can appreciate an old rusty gate.  Mine traveled with us from Texas to Alabama and is now located beside my front yard arbor with a collection of broken tea cups buried at the base.  My friend relishes in creating her own unique works of art from vintage or used, less than perfect treasures of all kinds...."things that have had a life."  SDP

July 19, 2014

Priorities ~

Little Pieces of my  Heart

Today - Now - Not Tomorrow
Not the rest of  my life...The rest of my day.
First - Today - A Gift - 
Give it back to Him As a life well lived.
   Then another day-Thanksgiving for yesterday, 
Vision for yet Another 
 'Manna~  for this day only.'
Manna ~
for today. 


 Looking Forward,


July 18, 2014

To Be Continued ~ #11 Mile Marker

My love seriously wished for me to
 'Move on with life.'

This has been at best very hard to 'get the hang of'..

Just in case you have not figured this out yet:
I am clearly still at the
Start, Stop, Stumble
And fall stage..
Often Crawling..reaching out to find another way to

So many times I have referred to this time,
Since August 18, 2013 
As a New Life
Perhaps it's not so much
A New [ different] Life
But the same life
With added dimension.maybe.

And  maybe this time is not so much
"Moving on with life"
As it is

Another chapter...Life Continued

"Oh, My Lord> Yes, Lord"

Looking Forward-

July 14, 2014

Bits of Wisdom or Enlightment ~ Just For Me?

This technology offers so much- like a thriving beautiful orchard.  Even one tree with a healthy beautiful show of it's best fruit stops me. I stand in amazement seeing our puny little two apple trees with the green ripe [I think] apples hanging from so many branches.  Do I carefully choose one good apple or begin to grab and fill my basket for myself and sharing?  Or do I just sigh with appreciation and take a few photos then come back later?

This reminds me of some of the amazing writers I run across ...Blogger links that show up on face book or a recommendation from another blogger with similar interests. 

My first reading is so often a skimming over-browsing-window shopping visit. I immediately recognize that I am in a special place....seeing right away that I cannot absorb it all...comprehend and make use of and save it for sharing with others.  So I  take a deep breath and 'save it' for later.   I have to return prepared to seriously shop, taking a spare tote bag to fill with precious, priceless sweet treasures to be held close for at least Days yet to come.

I am at this moment reminded of a conversation with a loved one at least twice  remarking that God revealed a specific sweet thing to me and am so frustrated that I cannot recall it clearly enough to share that treasure with someone else. This loved one, having walked some difficult and dark days, replied:  "Maybe it was only meant for you and your use and not for sharing."

How wonderful [ and convenient] it is that God does not empty out a lifetime of incredible wisdom entrusting it to me for spreading around.  I would not grasp it long enough to be much help.

My inspiration for this post:
A Holy Experience/Ann Voscamp

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July 10, 2014

Fresh Parsley and A Friend or Two

Yes! A perfect setting~
Nothing is new or perfect- Only cherished

Grab a chair while I pour Lemonade~

Waiting for You~

All things old, used, worn or even flawed


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June 28, 2014

It Was A T. R. I. P.

Cruise Connections- Btm- left find me and my sister Gwen. Our new friends from Ohio are left to right: Debbie & Jenni

No Asphalt, No Concrete, No Glass or Steel-The whitest sands

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