August 18, 2014

Ordinary Treasures -

Family pictures truly become treasures when the loved ones are no longer here and also when there are so few of them..

Imagine my surprise when I saw my sister had posted a picture I had never seen of our Mobley Grandparents!! Each picture is like tiny pieces of a puzzle coming together to help complete the picture/the memories.

L-R  Rachel Lee And Marion Albert Mobley
First cousin Beverley Turner White thinks she has the original- Thank you for sharing. Another cousin, Glenda Mobley Keil also confirms that the picture was taken at Aunt Josephine's home in  Atlanta.  I now see clearly the strong resemblance between  Grandma and Aunt Lila Mae and would be willing to wager real money on this....Aunt Josephine bought Grandma a new dress didn't she?  Look at that shiny, fabric and "store bought" looking dress!

We know our grandparents did not leave home [south Georgia] often nor did they have pictures taken often, This makes us doubly thankful that their daughter, Josephine did take pictures everywhere she went then in later years before she died at 94 yrs old she  began to generously share copies of those many pictures with all of us..her nieces & nephews. Thanks a million Aunt Josephine.

Another thing our Aunt Josephine shared faithfully was the GOSPEL written all over the envelopes of the hundreds of cards and letters she mailed to us and many others. When we opened mail from her one could not miss the  bold Bible verses  on the envelopes!!!

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