August 05, 2014

Porches~ Swings ~ Southern Things

Springtime or Summertime?  This scene was set in March but when one lives in the Southeastern U.S. [Alabama] there is often little difference in Spring and Summer.  The season is easy to identify in pictures by the flowers being used. The Bridal Wreath's blooming branches come in March at our house and it's easy to be inspired by their incredible beauty.  My only problem with them is they don't last long enough.  My repeated observation when they are in full bloom is: "We need a Wedding " properly show them off.

Dining outdoors- lunch in Plains Georgia  outside the Buffalo Cafe

Rockers on the front Porch- Of Course!

Waiting for You~
Without a doubt a Summertime scene [ June ]

I have to locate that picture of Me, Shirley and Brenda sitting here in this swing

Thanks to my sister for this 'model' southern scene when she visited in June of 2013

When you find that great vintage [maybe] tablecloth at a resale shop...don't procrastinate! It sure makes throwing together a new front porch scene easy!

A very old swing we found in the shop stored over head when we bought this house. The rolled up quilt is even older-best guess is about 100 years old-very worn but still usable for decorating.

It must be FALL here.. judging by the choice of burlap, gourds and pumpkins from a local DG


So fun what you can pull together with a few colorful fabric scraps~

My DG bargain settee and all you need in the fall show of the Peanut Tree

When your designer [my husband] and the contractor do it right -the new porch plan- it's easy to be inspired to make seasonal changes on the front porch. This picture was taken after one of matching black rockers 'bit the dust.'

Can you guess? This is a Love theme marking the very short 'season' of Valentine's.

It's easy to see this porch scene came together about the time I started blogging..had recently found the pair of rockers and the bargain priced wicker from DG  -The porch looks a bit bare at this point but I also find the look refreshing as I look back.

My husband built these plant stands using the same design as some of the very very old ones we found here when we first made this our home.  I love the simplicity of the design..utilitarian/stable.

Fall Ya'll....we know because the Peanut Tree [ casscia/raintree] is almost in full bloom.

You guessed it...He built it!

No professional work here. It's all DIY.  My husband designed
the wide shallow step up to the deck he built all alone except for
the usual supervision of guessed it- me.  Then we gathered
a bunch of old bricks and threw it down. I didn't want it to look

Yes! A perfect setting~
 Time for a Lemonade!

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