August 05, 2014

After the Rain ~

From the time I was about 3 years old I can recall loving creation after the rain.  As an adult I haven't changed much in that respect.
[note: written & saved in drafts BC - before Cancer ]
 When morning arrives "after the rain" I am so tempted to bed.  I awaken wanting to still hear the rain coming down outside or on the rooftop.  That doesn't often happen because this old-er house is so well built it really takes a significant weather event to actually hear the rain impacting the house. Sooooo, if I want to experience the weather or remnants of yesterday's then I have no choice but to crawl out of bed.  After all it feels a bit disgraceful to be the last one up.
My hubby is already enjoying his favorite morning spot on the deck with his first cup of coffee.  That seems to be our routine in this decade..well at least this year.
He wakes before me and more often than not I manage to "not hear' him as he prepares to greet the day then a half hour, maybe an hour later I join him, slipping by to my preferred seating-my red chaise and for a while [a southern - 'a while'] we "kinda, sorta" connect with  early morning conversation usually about our individual or mutual observations regarding the weather, the small critters or Creation in general. 
He observes that not many squirrels are walking the rear fence and the grass just won't stop growing.  Could that be because he missed the Friday mowing routine? It doesn't matter-too wet outside now..too early in the morning.
 That goes on the "I'll do that later" list.  [After the Rain]
Looking Forward...
 [moved from drafts January16, 2015]

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  1. Lots of stuff added to the do later list around here. It is sooo hot! I think we are getting ready for a big rain this afternoon-which we don't need since I left the hose on almost full blast all night! The yard and garden were flooded this morning!


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