August 01, 2014

Welcome to My Friend's Garden ~

Photo credit:  Shirley D. Power

 How often during the past eight years I have spoken this phrase: "My friend Shirley.." 

We first met in 1995 when I rented booth space in her newly opened business on the downtown square .  I was pretty much a new comer to the area. Shirl was not. I could hardly be called a 'crafter'  and certainly not an artist, floral designer or decoratorI had never yet heard the word 'blogger.'  With the passing of time I learned one can soak in creativity and even confidence being surrounded by amazing gifted people.

When I find them [again] I will post the picture of S-J-BB here.

Shirley and I became friends in spite of our differences. She was 6ft. tall [at least] next to my mere 5' 2''. We learned to laugh about it. This becomes an issue when women are moving furniture & loading large pieces for customers. Shirl communicated in a thoughtful but very direct manner, seldom raising her voice  while I talked too much & "beat around the bush"  trying not to offend anyone.

I had been married about 36 years to the love of my life while she had been divorced and a single Mother for almost as many years. Shorter version is we could not have been more different. Our association continued and our friendship took root. Looking back, we agree our friendship was based on shared faith in Christ. My friend was a much more accepting, tolerant person.  I often speak  quickly without a filter while Shirl is much more 'thoughtful.'  We learned to each let the other be.

Time passes. I have often heard one is fortunate if late in life you look back and  count on one hand your real friends. Now into the 8th decade of life I am perhaps more selective.  I count two friendships that have not faded with the years. My friend Shirley ..and My friend.....[ Another time/Another post ]

Time passes. Change happens. Today we live about 500 miles apart and both live alone.

 Some things have not changed. That would be my friend's garden and her love for all things natural, growing, blooming or producing.  I can relate!

Please meet my friend ...

Welcome to Shirl's Garden~


My friend is also drawn to all things natural, worn, flawed, cracked or rusty.  That makes two of us! Not everyone can appreciate an old rusty gate.  Mine traveled with us from Texas to Alabama and is now located beside my front yard arbor with a collection of broken tea cups buried at the base.  My friend relishes in creating her own unique works of art from vintage or used, less than perfect treasures of all kinds...."things that have had a life."  SDP

I have to ask: "Shirl tell us about the  Secret Garden sign."

Shirley Power
SDP circa 1957

Thanks Shirl for allowing me to share bits of your natural world and a glimpse into our history and sweet friendship.

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