March 10, 2012

Wondering What To Do With The Vintage Purse?

No, I don't collect purses-

But I do have a few~


I call it my JOAN CRAWFORD purse [ the movie star].It measures 15 1/2 " across and just under 6" high w/o the handle.  While it sets on a shelf in my closet it is of no use, just taking up space and  collecting dust but filled with Vintage trinkets it becomes a decorative piece. Now, the challenge is to find just the right  spot to show it off. Not so long ago I thought it was rather gaudy because of it's size...not so now with the luggage size handbags that are so popular [& quite expensive usually]. I remembered to find a jar of Vaseline to clean and shine up this relic.  Can you recall doing this to spruce up your black patent dress shoes? It still works!  

post script:  I never actually used this purse..came across it as a collector of all things old, vintage or antique and could not bear to part with it. That worked so well I think I shall do it again-since I still have another of these in my closet...I need to free up the closet space. Now~ Just For Fun


Folding Pouch style clutch VELVET- I still use this one

Black Velvet dress purse /
Can still be used

Small Leather Clutch with strap on the back to tuck away your gloves or handkerchief
This one is so old the [genuine] Leather is very stiff, almost brittle..

Let's go to the Party!

Let's check out the Vintage Treasures & Trinkets


  1. I love vintage purses! You have a great collection! I'm by from VTT!

  2. Lovely collection of purses!

  3. What a great collection of vintage purses!! I love the blue one. Very nice. Thanks for linking in today, happy VTT

  4. Hi Jonell...I'm visiting from VTT and what a treat to find your collection of vintage purses. Your Joan Crawford bag is amazing and I'm sure a challenge to carry...I'd be like a bull in a china closet knocking stuff over at every turn. I think using it for display is the safe thing to do.

    I also love the one with the hanky strap. Hope you'll have time to stop by CITexas Gal and see my Fall Family Heirloom Find. It's a vintage piece that is once in a lifetime find.

  5. I have lots of these purses in my closet too! Would love to see where this purse found its home in your decor. Actually seeing it on display may give me a great idea. Thanks for sharing. By the way I still use vaseline to shine my shoes! lol
    Blessings My Friend,

  6. Great little vintage bags. I have a few Whiting Davis and Collin that I have had far years. Just catching dust.

  7. I've found a few vintage pocketbooks that I've used. The styles were so awesome that no one realized they were antiques! I love the blue one in your first photo. I'd certainly be using that one!
    happy VTT!

  8. I love your vintage purse collection. I have a couple and put them in the dress up closet. Whenever the grandies come to visit playing dress ups is on the top of their list. Thanks for sharing with SYC.


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