March 15, 2012

Why Buy Furniture?

Got 3 antique suitcases?  Stack them three high~

An Antique [electric]  RADIO-
the exterior material was before PLASTIC....Bakelite. 
Nothing in here came from KIRKLAND'S or IKEA or Hobby Lobby.
This is a peek into our somewhat masculine spare bedroom..
[patriotic Red,White, Blue; Antiques with a teeny bit of
Outdoors/sports tossed in
 [ old boat oar/fish net valance w seashells over two windows-]

Penny Walker in southeast Texas contributed this old, old,
 heavy oscillating fan to our collection..yes it works if needed

These GAME BOARDS were given to me because "Jonell will think of something to do with them"
My friend Reba Shue said when she brought them to me. They are wooden and measure about 36
inches from corner to corner.  There's certainly nothing humdrum ordinary about the decor in our house.

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