March 28, 2013

More Than Bunnies ~

 He is Risen - He Is Risen Indeed-The Ressurection of Christ-That's what Easter is about-really.

He is Risen, Indeed

He is Risen. He is Risen Indeed!
It's Not a Seasonal Thing

It's More than Bunnies
It's Bigger than Spring

Hallelujah, Hallelujah!


Please join us as we share a daily cup with Mrs. Olson:

March 23, 2013

My Rosemary Story ~

Later spring, early summer it gets
 fuller and  lush-healthy

This is my one big bush of Rosemary and it produces enough for me year round and for any friends who will allow me to send some home with them. 

My first Rosemary plant proved to be a learning experience as most herbs are.  All I knew was to read the instructions that came w the plant. I thought I did that but with a little time realized it was not thriving in it's new home.

We moved it and found a permanent home. It never would stop growing and making more Rosemary.  That has basically been my philosophy with trying new herbs.  If it thrives that's a home run. If it does not then try a new home.  If it just doesn't seem to be happy no matter where you put it down..move on to another wonderful herb until it works for you. 
It's easy to search the internet to find ideas for using Rosemary with your recipes.
but that's not the only use-Consider other uses:
  • I almost always have fresh bundles of cuttings in my kitchen window...rooting
  • Same little bunches work stuck in a container and allowed to dry/ refresh as needed [just before 'Company' knocks at the front door]
  • Use cuttings for filler as you design a wreath
  • Strip stems and add the fresh rosemary to other natural ingredients to make your own [natural] potpourri
  • Tie a tiny bundle atop a gift package using a piece of twine or go for fancy use pretty ribbon
  • Take a larger bundle to a friend when visiting b/c you know she would love it too
  • When the house is about to be inundated with wonderful guests for a time that's all the excuse  I need to scatter Rosemary in it's various forms [bundles, stems, vases/jars filled, potpourri] all about the house. Often times the flat basket hanging on the wall beside the front door will be filled to overflowing with a massive bunch of generous Rosemary cuttings..
  • Not to worry about cutting too makes more-Enjoy!

Rosemary everywhere!

 Use your imagination
 My Craft room is a kitchen counter,
  breakfast room table - just wherever I
settle in and start the project. 

Note the supplies & materials I am using in the photos-
there's ordinary Kraft Paper, twine, hot glue and Burlap...


You can buy the Burlap Ribbon but I love working 
from the stash of Burlap bags we have [cheeeeep]
The ribbon I am using above is strips of the burlap bags
 on hand...guess what???   MUCH CHEAPER.
It cost pennies per yard...
No joke...pennies per yard. You choose.

Looking Forward,

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post script:  "Molly" left a note asking about how I keep the Rosemary from freezing in winter-I was not able to connect with her so here goes just for the lovely person who stopped to read and comment:

  'Molly, I live in south Alabama and when I first began experimenting with herbs we were in Southeast Texas. I think that should answer your question

We do not have freezing temps for extended periods of time-not enough to be a problem.  Precautions for colder climates will depend upon your specific  temps etc. In Alabama if we were predicted to have at or below FREEZING FOR a long period of time ...let's say 3 hrs-24 hrs I would def grab the old linens saved for this purpose and give my Rosemary some cover...please come visit-let me know how to connect with you.I will be glad to share on the subject. jh

March 19, 2013

Just Showin' Off- Pictures

1. Another season, another reason to dress up
2. One of my favorite spots for hugging my
mug of hot coffee [w real cream please]or
an afternoon 'cuppa tea with just me' if no one
else joins me
Yes we did..we stopped in the street  to snap
this-wish it were close up to show off the
Ornamental Pear in full bloom
and....No we didn't stop in the highway for
this one...just pointed the handy dandy digital
out the window. We're on the way all the way
[10 miles] to 'get a cup of coffee' - why? well,
Just Because, that's why.

March 17, 2013

Visiting in the Kitchen Today -Come On In~


Entering the kitchen from our
cozy/small Den the door  shows
off a very old salvaged chalk
board and a Vintage Style
Apron-a gift from a Tx. friend


Vintage -Okeefee-Merritt Gas Range
we moved with us to Alabama in 2006
& My husband gave it a 95%
restoration 5 yrs later- a labor of Love



Cookbook collection held in place by the cast iron
white Rooster/actually a door stop; the brown
pottery pitcher, a gift from a Texas friend and the
hammered aluminum little basket, an Ebay find 
finishes the little Kitchen Counter Scene.

Old Coffee Pots are not discarded
at Gramma's House- repurposed!

The "oldie"  kitchen table with drop leaves is
courtesy of a daughter in law-Can you believe I had
the nerve to ask to use it? Having it all dressed 
up  makes it less likely to be a drop off for keys,etc.
The bentwood Ice Cream Parlor chairs came with
an Antique Drug store Ice cream parlor table
that came from Palestine, Texas.

Grocery Maket scales found in north
Arkansas in mid 1970's-paid a whopping
$20 and 2 or 3 years ago restored for $50.
I'm told sombody's NAME IS ON THEM
.[keep going-there's a few more goodies]

March 15, 2013

--A Little Bit of Country for the Foodies

I had a request for a pan of old fashioned baked cornbread today. Aha , I see a blog post coming together here. 

I often feel remiss for not including  recipe posts as so many of our blogger friends share so this is my day! It doesn't get more Country than this y'all!

Right NOW: Set your oven to about 425 degrees-
depending on how hot your oven heats-
For a small pan:  1 1/2 cups Self Rising Corn Meal-
2 generous TBLS Sugar-2 Eggs[ if you were not looking
on I would use ONE egg] +Whisk together & add about
1 full cup of Buttermilk.
*Use your own judgement re measurements

Some things I buy generic always-others I learn never
to choose generic. Some things I alway choose the
Low Fat...but NOT buttermilk.

#1>  20 MINUTES at 425 degrees... 
Add 3-5 more minutes for all over golden finish
Read on..There's More

March 12, 2013

Take the Living Room Tour While I Put On A Pot Of Coffee~

Please come in and take the 'Nickel Tour'...Our house is not modern nor is it 'the oldest' around. It was built in 1937 and we are the first owner since the original builders. It does not have the open floor plan so popular now. The living room and dining room seem a little more spacious than they actually measure I think because there are double doors opening between.[I see French doors in my future]  The living room measures only 20ft x 14ft. & opens onto a small screened in porch.  I'll get that all dressed up for you one day soon. With all the furniture choices 6 years ago one of my first considerations was ..seating. The blanket chest below was placed just inside the front door with extra seating in mind.
The Blanket chest is quite old,
primative & with a crowd it will
seat two. The mirror above is
[$40/N. Arkansas '70s]  perhaps
the first old oak piece I painted-not
always my first choice but you see
all the dark wood?

This was a swap with another antiquer friend in Texas. No money changed hands. It's a two in one- radio and record player-outside is veeneer

The kinda thing that makes people
like me drool..

I like wing back and love, love any kind of
hydrangeas also Red is my color!

In recent years I am very selective about
the baskets I choose to 'take home'.this one
opens from the top..cost $28 /Jasper, Tx.

I told you I love hydrangeas...fresh or dried
or [good quality] silk. The wash stand is
oak [$85 Crossett, Arkansas] That was
a huge price for me in early 1970's-
Read on-There's More>

March 11, 2013

Saturday Spring-spiration

This is my inspiration post..load it up-head out-get going
It's time to start crossing off some of those "will do" when
Spring gets here jobs

Enough THYME for sharing

Personally, I am not likely to actually spend money on the
yard art--more likely to make something similar myself
The Thyme, The Thyme---makes one wanna grab a
whole basket full-instead I will TAKE TWO-
Read On -There's More

We lost our geraniums last year..time for a few starters
to nuture for summertime..always love THE RED ONES
does that surprise anyone?
Of course I DID get the Thyme in the ground- two little
pots will make enough for me plus plenty for sharing,

OOOOOOkay ladies, grab your carts and fill 'em up. I must confess we do not get it all done in one Saturday- you know that. Our yard projects are usually done in shifts of perhaps an hour then it's time
for 'sitting and swinging or maybe rocking, but eventually it gets done. At any rate we get enough done
to make us feel good about it.

We know there are a few people in the community who make a habit of driving down our street regularly to see what we are up to..We do like to make enough progress to make it worth the trip.  An of course you have to have pictures for sharing with blogger friends near and far.

Enough with the SPRING-SPIRATION...Let's get busy!

March 06, 2013

March Winds & My To Do List~

It's early March and I can hear the March Winds blowing outsde..if I were out there
[above-back yard] right now I would be wrapped in a blanket-cannot wait for the temps
to settle predictably into the 70's and get out there with the rakes, shovels and clippers
There are soooooooo many leaves and twigs to gather and quite a lot of snipping to be
done-My "yard man" has been a 'no show'  ---Just a bit of humor there-We don't have
a YARD MAN..Just us..But it will get done .