March 19, 2013

Just Showin' Off- Pictures

1. Another season, another reason to dress up
2. One of my favorite spots for hugging my
mug of hot coffee [w real cream please]or
an afternoon 'cuppa tea with just me' if no one
else joins me
Yes we did..we stopped in the street  to snap
this-wish it were close up to show off the
Ornamental Pear in full bloom
and....No we didn't stop in the highway for
this one...just pointed the handy dandy digital
out the window. We're on the way all the way
[10 miles] to 'get a cup of coffee' - why? well,
Just Because, that's why.


  1. Hi,
    I just love hearing about Our Lord and Savior and what He is doing in the lives of His children.
    I started a blog of my own sometime back, but, didn't continue to write.
    I enjoy spending time coming browsing other blogs..... it has been 12 years since I have been living with severe neurological pain and most days are very difficult!
    So, when I hear of how God empowers others in their daily lives it encourages me. He is my strength when I am weak and my hope when I feel I cannot go on.
    I look forward to the day I will be with Him and the day we will all gather to worship Him.
    I also love to see the coziness of others homes and I just love your's. The wood on the walls and my favorite color is red also, and green. I love color, but, of course some light and white mixed in.
    I saw your beautiful quilt at the bottom of your blog, it is gorgeous. Last winter I taught myself to quilt, I made the top but still need to add the sides/sashes (I think that's what their called) and then the batting and backing. I do a little bit here and there.... The past 3 years have been difficult!
    Hubby and I have 3 boys and the two oldest are married ( our oldest son married a girl from Alabama/we live in Ontario Canada) and our youngest will be 16 in July and we have a grandson who will be 2 this June. Even in bad times, God is good, Romans 8:28 is a verse that I keep close to my heart!
    Wishing you and your family blessings in Jesus's name (((HUGS)))

  2. I like coffee in my cream! I'm like you with the camera out the window as I drive. I have a lot of blurry shots of the wrong thing from doing that though. Love your little icon that says pathological picture taker. I used to need a button like that to wear when with my children and at family events. I have always been a notorious videographer of the family and my kids knew I was going to take photos of them at every turn. Now I photograph junk. It doesn't roll it's eyes at me. I like that.


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