March 23, 2013

My Rosemary Story ~

Later spring, early summer it gets
 fuller and  lush-healthy

This is my one big bush of Rosemary and it produces enough for me year round and for any friends who will allow me to send some home with them. 

My first Rosemary plant proved to be a learning experience as most herbs are.  All I knew was to read the instructions that came w the plant. I thought I did that but with a little time realized it was not thriving in it's new home.

We moved it and found a permanent home. It never would stop growing and making more Rosemary.  That has basically been my philosophy with trying new herbs.  If it thrives that's a home run. If it does not then try a new home.  If it just doesn't seem to be happy no matter where you put it down..move on to another wonderful herb until it works for you. 
It's easy to search the internet to find ideas for using Rosemary with your recipes.
but that's not the only use-Consider other uses:
  • I almost always have fresh bundles of cuttings in my kitchen window...rooting
  • Same little bunches work stuck in a container and allowed to dry/ refresh as needed [just before 'Company' knocks at the front door]
  • Use cuttings for filler as you design a wreath
  • Strip stems and add the fresh rosemary to other natural ingredients to make your own [natural] potpourri
  • Tie a tiny bundle atop a gift package using a piece of twine or go for fancy use pretty ribbon
  • Take a larger bundle to a friend when visiting b/c you know she would love it too
  • When the house is about to be inundated with wonderful guests for a time that's all the excuse  I need to scatter Rosemary in it's various forms [bundles, stems, vases/jars filled, potpourri] all about the house. Often times the flat basket hanging on the wall beside the front door will be filled to overflowing with a massive bunch of generous Rosemary cuttings..
  • Not to worry about cutting too makes more-Enjoy!

Rosemary everywhere!

 Use your imagination
 My Craft room is a kitchen counter,
  breakfast room table - just wherever I
settle in and start the project. 

Note the supplies & materials I am using in the photos-
there's ordinary Kraft Paper, twine, hot glue and Burlap...


You can buy the Burlap Ribbon but I love working 
from the stash of Burlap bags we have [cheeeeep]
The ribbon I am using above is strips of the burlap bags
 on hand...guess what???   MUCH CHEAPER.
It cost pennies per yard...
No joke...pennies per yard. You choose.

Looking Forward,

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post script:  "Molly" left a note asking about how I keep the Rosemary from freezing in winter-I was not able to connect with her so here goes just for the lovely person who stopped to read and comment:

  'Molly, I live in south Alabama and when I first began experimenting with herbs we were in Southeast Texas. I think that should answer your question

We do not have freezing temps for extended periods of time-not enough to be a problem.  Precautions for colder climates will depend upon your specific  temps etc. In Alabama if we were predicted to have at or below FREEZING FOR a long period of time ...let's say 3 hrs-24 hrs I would def grab the old linens saved for this purpose and give my Rosemary some cover...please come visit-let me know how to connect with you.I will be glad to share on the subject. jh


  1. I love that scale!! Great idea to use burlap bags for ribbon. I bought landscape burlap extremely cheap too! Hope you have a fab weekend!

  2. Aaaah! I can smell it by just looking at the pictures... I love. love. love. rosemary!

  3. My friend just gave me a potted rosemary plant, so this is a great post for me. I love all the cute ideas, especially with the burlap and twine because they always seem to be on hand!

  4. How do you keep your Rosemary from freezing in the winter? my small pot of rosemary froze..... help!! will it come back out?

  5. Great ideas! I don't have the best green thumb but we give it a try every year! Thanks for the ideas!

  6. Terrific ideas for your Rosemary. I have two very large bushes that are still blooming - LOVE decorating with them and using them for cooking. I do appreciate you sharing with Home and Garden Thursday,

  7. Terrific ideas! I just love rosemary. I always brush up against mine to get that rich aroma in the air!


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