March 17, 2013

Visiting in the Kitchen Today -Come On In~


Entering the kitchen from our
cozy/small Den the door  shows
off a very old salvaged chalk
board and a Vintage Style
Apron-a gift from a Tx. friend


Vintage -Okeefee-Merritt Gas Range
we moved with us to Alabama in 2006
& My husband gave it a 95%
restoration 5 yrs later- a labor of Love



Cookbook collection held in place by the cast iron
white Rooster/actually a door stop; the brown
pottery pitcher, a gift from a Texas friend and the
hammered aluminum little basket, an Ebay find 
finishes the little Kitchen Counter Scene.

Old Coffee Pots are not discarded
at Gramma's House- repurposed!

The "oldie"  kitchen table with drop leaves is
courtesy of a daughter in law-Can you believe I had
the nerve to ask to use it? Having it all dressed 
up  makes it less likely to be a drop off for keys,etc.
The bentwood Ice Cream Parlor chairs came with
an Antique Drug store Ice cream parlor table
that came from Palestine, Texas.

Grocery Maket scales found in north
Arkansas in mid 1970's-paid a whopping
$20 and 2 or 3 years ago restored for $50.
I'm told sombody's NAME IS ON THEM
.[keep going-there's a few more goodies]

No, our's is not a very large kitchen but for just the two of us it works. I think that's because it is open to what we refer to as the Breakfast Room to the left [the above picture] past the Stove. It does get a bit crowded when all our family is here..with 3 - 5 women working on a meal as they did for Christmas 2012. We have a pot rack that was personally crafted by my husband from an iron wagon wheel..haven't been able to convince anyone to install it close to the ceiling above the small island.

I forgot to mention by way of explanation for no doors on a part of my kitchen cabinets:  I seem to have a thing about always removing at least one or two doors..I'm sure it doesn't appeal to everyone but it works for me. No, keeping dishes orderly is not an issue for me...not bragging just explaining myself.

I don't want to give the impression that my kitchen is always ready for company- This was a 'work day' which explains the clutter of tools/materials. If you were to vsit tomorrow know how that goes.


Let's go party at Have a Cup of Mrs Olson's
also:   Feathered Nest Friday  at


  1. My cabinet insides are a hot mess most of the time. I don't think I could do open shelving like that, but clearly you have the cute colorful dishes and the neatness to take that on! Love your cute kitchen and that range. The chalkboard hanging on the door with the apron and the stool is a sweet look too.

  2. Looks like a fun place to eat and cook!!


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