March 12, 2013

Take the Living Room Tour While I Put On A Pot Of Coffee~

Please come in and take the 'Nickel Tour'...Our house is not modern nor is it 'the oldest' around. It was built in 1937 and we are the first owner since the original builders. It does not have the open floor plan so popular now. The living room and dining room seem a little more spacious than they actually measure I think because there are double doors opening between.[I see French doors in my future]  The living room measures only 20ft x 14ft. & opens onto a small screened in porch.  I'll get that all dressed up for you one day soon. With all the furniture choices 6 years ago one of my first considerations was ..seating. The blanket chest below was placed just inside the front door with extra seating in mind.
The Blanket chest is quite old,
primative & with a crowd it will
seat two. The mirror above is
[$40/N. Arkansas '70s]  perhaps
the first old oak piece I painted-not
always my first choice but you see
all the dark wood?

This was a swap with another antiquer friend in Texas. No money changed hands. It's a two in one- radio and record player-outside is veeneer

The kinda thing that makes people
like me drool..

I like wing back and love, love any kind of
hydrangeas also Red is my color!

In recent years I am very selective about
the baskets I choose to 'take home'.this one
opens from the top..cost $28 /Jasper, Tx.

I told you I love hydrangeas...fresh or dried
or [good quality] silk. The wash stand is
oak [$85 Crossett, Arkansas] That was
a huge price for me in early 1970's-
Read on-There's More>
20 years ago I would never have had the confidence
to mix up the patterns like this but the moment I saw
it...I knew it was good.  The dark wicker table was
a post Hurricane Rita  ]2005] addition too
My silver fox.. an avid reader. [ doesn['t know he's
modeling for my blog]

You can begin to see I really have mixed
it up with the fabric and colors here..but
It never makes me uncomfortable- It fits!
This red sofa is one of my fav places to
sit indoors to visit. It's firm seating & there
is room to prop one's feet on the cedar
chest/coffee table that's filled with Vintage
clothes from MY YOUNGER YEARS.
I told you  I'm a red girl- that's me.
In this room I've mixed up the very
new with some antiques and a touch
of soft and girly spread about.

The mantle scene changes often but not as often as the
front porch settings
Reminder:  Much as I love the fresh flowers,
greenery and herbs there is always a place in
my enviroment for dried materials and even
silk florals -the trick there- good quality silks.

I hope you found things you would enjoy if you were sitting with me having a cup of something good in a pretty cup.. 
~ a  bit of personal info- I seldom rearrange furniture.  When I find the spot where it feels like it has always been stays.  
That's just me!

Drop by again soon & we'll continue the house tour-No reservations, No RSVP...just drop by. Perhaps the dining room next time. I'm into something new there I've been wanting to do for quite a while. I think perhaps you will approve!

Let's Party at

Looking Forward,


  1. B.e.a.utiful! ((as always))..... Just love it all!

  2. I'm so happy to have been invited inside and been able to take the tour of your lovely home sweet home. The red touches do make it beautiful! I also like all the wood and that recordplayer/radio is gorgeous. Does it work? Do you use it? I look forward to the next tour and I hope it too includes a stealthy shot of your silver fox model or how about you?!

  3. What a beautiful living room. It's warm and inviting. So many interesting things to take in. I am sure your guests feel quite at home visiting you in that room.

  4. So neat.

    - The Tablescaper

  5. you have a beautiful home. Thank you for sharing your lovely blog at the Thursday Favorite Things blog hop xo P.S. I love baskets too

  6. Red is my favorite color also. You have some wonderful antiques in your home. I like how you have mixed things up. Love, love the red sofa. Our newer how is the open floor plan. I do like it, but find that you don't have the same coziness. I miss that sometimes. Thanks for sharing with Share Your Cup. I do not see a link back to the party. I'm sure it was not intentional. Hope you share often!

  7. Hello Jonell, Lovely home - I too love red! wonderful tour - I do appreciate you sharing with Home and Garden Thursday,


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