March 15, 2013

--A Little Bit of Country for the Foodies

I had a request for a pan of old fashioned baked cornbread today. Aha , I see a blog post coming together here. 

I often feel remiss for not including  recipe posts as so many of our blogger friends share so this is my day! It doesn't get more Country than this y'all!

Right NOW: Set your oven to about 425 degrees-
depending on how hot your oven heats-
For a small pan:  1 1/2 cups Self Rising Corn Meal-
2 generous TBLS Sugar-2 Eggs[ if you were not looking
on I would use ONE egg] +Whisk together & add about
1 full cup of Buttermilk.
*Use your own judgement re measurements

Some things I buy generic always-others I learn never
to choose generic. Some things I alway choose the
Low Fat...but NOT buttermilk.

#1>  20 MINUTES at 425 degrees... 
Add 3-5 more minutes for all over golden finish
Read on..There's More

It slices just as pretty as a cake

#2>   Golden/ DONE

Yes that is a stream of hot steam rising from the center

I have these old Goblets for one reason-My Grandma
& Grandpa Mobley had them

Break the sliced of cornbread into smaller chunks
Pour Buttermilk over -Enjoy
* Some people might sprinkle a little bit of sugar on top

All this for a pretty old fashioned Goblet
[like my grandparents used]
filled with hot [or cold] cornbread
Covered with Buttermilk
[no low fat ]

Soooooooo that's my Recipe contribution. To me it seems like such an  ordinary thing. It is definitely  Southern. I forgot something- the BUTTER . No it's not the PAULA DEAN influence but personally  there's nothing more decadent than melting a generous pat of [REAL BUTTER] on that hot slice of cornbread right out of the oven -not even Chocolate can top this

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  1. Yummy! Looks delicious!! :)

  2. That takes me back a lot of years! I can't find corn meal here in New Zealand, so I can't make it :(

  3. bettyl...thanks for commenting..I use "self rising cornmeal" b/c My mother always used it..suggestion: find the cornmeal on the internet..if you have to buy larger quatity than you want you can store the extra in the refrigerator -I had an older friend years ago who always "stocked up" lol and she stored the excess in the FREEZER.
    Let me know if you find what you need.

    Like Gramma's House blog

  4. I confess, I've never made cornbread from scratch and I know I'm missing out. I'd love a slice with a heap of melted butter. Thanks for the recipe. I'll pin it and see if I can get around to making some. It looks wonderful!


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