March 06, 2013

March Winds & My To Do List~

It's early March and I can hear the March Winds blowing outsde..if I were out there
[above-back yard] right now I would be wrapped in a blanket-cannot wait for the temps
to settle predictably into the 70's and get out there with the rakes, shovels and clippers
There are soooooooo many leaves and twigs to gather and quite a lot of snipping to be
done-My "yard man" has been a 'no show'  ---Just a bit of humor there-We don't have
a YARD MAN..Just us..But it will get done .

1 comment:

  1. Oh... that looks so cozy! You need to get a cup of tea, wrap yourself in that blanket, and read a good book! Aaah!


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