February 27, 2013

Join Me On the Front Porch -

It's All About Southern Hospitality-
One of our favorite places to visit- Please join me

Welcome- I can see this was taken
early Summer b/c the Humming Bird
Vine has barely begun to bloom as it
begins to wrap around the Mail Box
support - an antique Pump - Get out,
come In - We were expecting you!

The thin flat black basket is just right for a front door
 it's filled with fresh cuttings from Butterfly Bushes

We enjoy our front porch almost year round-
and the scene is set and reset according to the
Season or event we might be planning. When
Company is coming that's all the motivation I
need for tweaking, sprucing up or completely
changing the front porch setting..Enjoy!
Read on ..There's More

I cannot recall any flower or flowering bush we ever enjoyed so much
as we do this Casscia plant...heard it called a Peanut
tree-& a Raintree..blooms early October and continues
until all the cold weather is history..no  I do not try to control
where it goes/grows.. it crawls all over the porch rail,
breath taking beauty in the fall as so much is drying & dying

Spring Busting Out All Over
 Bridal Wreath bushes in bloom..
A can't live without flowering shrub
& does not last long enough for me.

Fall Flavor

Happy Birthday America

Black Wicker- a Bargain DS find.  The swing appears
to be quite old and was left for us to discover when we bought this
house.  The window frame is a $15 yard sale purchase and the Primative bench [left ] at least 100 years old- from the farm house in Texas

We have two Antique Primative Benches.
In addition to this one the other is set on
the opposite end of the porch. The folded
quilt you see above is early, early 1900's.
The beautiful red platter a thank you gift
from a Brundidge friend and the milk glass
has been claimed by a grand daughter

My friend Heather at Stringtownhome  has moved to a .com address please follow her there and you will find all your familar, favorite places and activities


  1. It's beautiful... year 'round. I love it! Holly and I have talked about how your front porch pics should be featured in a magazine.. You were most definitely blessed with a wonderful talent.... God given!

  2. Your porch is beautiful! I love how you change up your decor. Glad to know you are from Georgia. We have a home at Lake Seminole (Donaldsonville)and are there now for a few days. Our other homw is in the NE GA mountains, near Helen. So glad to "meet" another Georgia girl! Have a blessed weekend!!

  3. Your porch is so beautiful and welcoming. I am sure you've had many great conversations there and will continue to have many more.


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