February 04, 2013

H O M E: A Place You Don't Want To Leave~

YIPPEE! My dear, loving husband just tossed me a package that came in the mail, saying: "A package for you- It says FRAGILE."  Yes, He Did!!

My recent Ebay purchase just came in the mail. Perrrrrfect! My newest dainty, bone china teacup...I'm Making myself a cup of hot tea in the kitchen. It's still a little on the cool side outdoors.  I have no plans to leave home today. Why, she asks self?  Self replies: "You know it's a good place when you just don't want to leave."
That's another way to describe H O M E.

Photo from Spring 2012 It won't be long before those Bridal Wreath
will be showing off again like white baby clouds attached to green
branches.Another of my favorite memories as a child-My Aunt Laura's
Bridalwreath..they looked to a child's view to be about 10 ft tall..funny,
 mine are still no more than 6-6 1/2 ft tall.


  1. Looks like a sweet Spring table. So colorful and pretty. I want to see your new tea cup!

  2. Another post to remind me of how lovely it would be to come and have tea with you.


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