February 12, 2013

Making It Up As I Go ~

Does that ANTIQUE quilt look familiar? One overlay is a sheer curtain panel and the topper is my own hand fringed B U R L A P * B A G creation. The pink/red Valentines have been in a drawer for several years and the chair cushion covers are, I kid you not-B U R L A P  * B A G S slipped the cushions inside the bag and folded the open ends under. mmm kinda redefines E A S Y dontcha think?

 Good Morning-Good Day-Good Evening! Pour yourself a Cup of your Fav Tea, turn off the TV & Pull up a Chair. Let's visit~ 

I am so so honored that my dear young friend  invited me to post on her blog Stringtownhome .   Regular Readers and Followers will recognize that Heather posts here  on LGH occasionally and you will see on my Contributor Page that she & I do have a history though not a  family relationship.  When Heather suggested I might share a post about table settings  - proper table settings, it gave me pause for thought.
Friends Let's Stop Right there! I cannot do this-a proper, appropriate table setting?  No, I can't do that. Please note this Gramma no longer dwells on "appropriate table settings."  Getting old means.....doing it my way, right? Just for the record:
  • Call me a  'Make it Up as You Go' decorator
Yes, I know it is not really set for a meal or tea but it
could be quick as a flash..grab some napkins and silver
and you're ready for a little cuppa tea & dessert.

My focus:  "Using What I   Have"
  • Decorating Should be Fun 
  • Know when to quit
Yes, I did the  How to do it correctly classes in high school but after so many years thank heavens I am now older & willing to take risks-I can trust my own inner response to what the eye sees.
Decorating challenges are no longer daunting to me [ I like that word-smile]. When I absolutely love what I have done I STOP.

With a stash of supplies I can throw something together that I like. Notice I said "I like.' That's important. You should like what you create. Don't fret over whether Mom, Gramma or your best friend approves. If you are taking notes, I repeat: Use what you have -Have fun with it! 
 Ladies, what I am saying in a very long winded way is do what you enjoy and don't be afraid to break the traditional rules when decorating and setting your tables or pretty tea trays,etc.  
If this stinking computer...[ Heather's adjective]  and the internet will cooperate I will share a few little pics of tables or trays I threw together...just be careful  'throwing those dishes'.  There's more-

Now-Pour yourself a Cup of your Fav Tea, turn the TV off, Pull up a Chair - join the conversation-Leave Me a comment, feedback you want to share. I look forward to your input!

Oh, by the way I'm into being very bold today. With that excuse I'm stating for the world that I am more than ready to increase my blog audience..hint, hint..please FOLLOW! I originally did not focus on followers but now realize how big time encouraging it is to have that audience.
I can't believe I only fell in love with Fiestaware about
10 years ago. The variety of  bold colors gives me so
much more flexibility in mixing up the dishes..colors
and patterns for table settings.  
I am not a Vintage/Antique snob-
they don't have to be valuable-
I just have to love them!

Those pretty dishes are wasted hidden away on a shelf.
Pull them out, stack pretty on a tray you've thrown a nice
big napkin on and your tea or coffee will taste so much
better and ...
you have the MEMORIES~

I can tell you where I acquired each teapot, demitasse
c/s and often how much I paid for them or not. Sometimes
little treasures are swaps or gifts. The teapot was the first
one I ever brought home..when we lived in Kentucky in the
early 1970's. I started out with a set of 8 demitasse c/s but
let someone talk me into selling 4 of the set...not a
good move Jonell.

I have such fun sharing the unique, timeworn, treasured things with which we've furnished our homes and use for those special times and people in our lives. That means any family, friend or neighbor and we don't have to wait for a holiday to sit down at a pretty table does it?

Pull out those pretties you love and surprise someone as you share favorite teas or coffees...hot chocolate sounds good today at Like Gramma's House-
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Please find  Heather  at Stringtownhome..tell her LGH sent you.

Looking Forward,


  1. I am have been for quite some time a loyal follower. Thanks for your decorating tips today. I adore your tea cups and your tea pots. The fiesta ware is bold and cheerful.

  2. It's so true that you should decorate as you like. "Proper" has it's place, but memorable is sometimes a bit off the beaten path. I like how you used the tray. A very cute idea!


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