September 28, 2011

It's A Party~

A Rainy Day down south- Amen and thank you God!  Waking up to the sounds of rumbling ruffles of thunder and  heavy drizzle of rain showering all around us-what could be better?   Can we just keep this going all day? Grab that Coffee mug and hold on as we soak in creation. It's ever so gently  wrapped around us.  And the birds are not calling off their party because of inclimate weather.  They are a special part of this CREATION CELEBRATION. 

My husband cautioned me not to expect any blooms until October-
The first few showed up about September 28th or 29th.
I'd call that: Right on time~

September 25, 2011

Ahhhhh~ Creation

Missouri-Dogwood Canyon-Imagine What it Looks like in the Fall~
The sign reads: Welcome to Arkansas

September 23, 2011

Distinctively Vintage~

Look what I have managed to hold onto over the years!  At the very top is the OLDEST from High School. Next is the shiny black patent envelope bag that was part of my GOING AWAY OUTFIT after our Wedding. Next the Gold Mesh like material from the 1970's. To the left at the bottom I THINK this little black treasure may have been from the 1960's. [Oh well, I can't remember everything] Bottom Right is a dandy little "almost antique" bag I bought for resale along with five more when we tagged along with the LONGEST YARD SALE last year in August 2010. I meant to sell those [5] oldies but customers have had their chance-brought two of them home.  Our Grand daughter Dylan borrowed one of the Vintage ones for this year's Prom. Now that I think of it all of those I have saved ARE what does that make Gramma- Vintage or Antique?
~All In Fun,

September 21, 2011

Remnants of Long Ago~

Do you have remnants of another time? Have you held onto a few things from your wedding day? Do You have little treasured pieces of Baby things that your little ones once used or wore or were given as gifts?
Oooooooooooookay, so maybe I am not alone.  If so you would not consider me a hoarder just a wife, mother with a drawer or perhaps a box with a few reminders of another time that are too sweet and personal to just toss away or throw into the Goodwill collection box.
I will share my goodies if you will share a few of yours.  I have the little black shiny envelope style purse from my Going Away outfit. 
That's what we called the outfit we wore when we left for our honeymoon after the wedding. Inside that little accessory is the copy of my pre- wedding blood test , a post card with a picture of the Motel where we spent the night on our wedding night, and a small printed [ Ted and Jonell Harrison] napkin from the wedding reception. Of course I still have my small White Bible I carried down the isle.  It was a gift from Mershon Baptist Church Girl's Auxiliary group. The presenter made a note inside indicating they were taking note of the fact that I had been the first President of the new organization. The price sticker left inside showed $4.95. I used it regularly until I began to need a larger print and a concordance. This little memento is on a shelf in our living room now. Naturally I have kept my Bride's Book and the dried Orchid placed inside it lasted for many years then  finally disintegrated.
We still have the Shawl blanket given for our first child..I used it for the next two babies but then got a new one when our first and only daughter was born. I think I passed that along to her years later. 
I have shared a number of baby things but Our children are not noticeably sentimental about keepsakes like this so passing along and having them used again has not worked out  well. Our three boys  got new suits..each distinctively different when they were in grade school approximately 7 1/2-8 1/2 & 10 years old. By the time they were 12 or 13 it was almost impossible to find suits for boys..this was early to mid 1970's. I kept those suits and in perfect condition passed them along to them when they had little boys .I had thought it would be so neet to have pictures of their little ones in the same suits..but then that was MY idea, not theirs.   I guess they forgot about them.  Same story with some of the boys' Scout uniforms. When our daughter was in 9th grade [ I think] she and I had a photo made together -she was wearing a Christmas red plaid shirt.  I saved it and she now has it -  in tact. Somewhere in this house there are Brownie badges that belonged to our daughter..need to think of something [soon] to do with them.
Now I ask you does that list of saved items sound like that of a hoarder? That's a rhetorical question.  I'm wondering what you have done with saved treasures? btw..I do have one blanket chest with enough clothing [mine] for a small group of girls to  have fun putting on a fashion show.  that has happened a  number of times. I don't regret hanging on to those. One of the most significant fashion items saved  is my 1972 navy polyester short short dress-sailor hangs on the inside of my bedroom closet door and a few years ago our oldest  grand daughter exclaimed "Gramma, YOU WORE THAT?" Across the room on the back side of our bedroom door is hanging the top half [blouse they called them] of one of Ted's white Navy Uniforms from the 1950s [ We have several of those] No one is going to make me feel bad about that!! I love it.  It's there but not  clutter or  a "tacky" statement. It's a slight but tasteful display of memorabilia.
I failed to mention..we have Ted's Original WEDDING BAND.  He received a new one the year of our 50th Anniversary.
One day soon I will put together a [tasteful] display of all these and photograph ..then add to this post for you.
Now,  what relics from the past  have you been able to hold onto?? It's share time.
~All In Fun,

Distant Connections-Still Family~

My Introduction to My Mobley Great Grand Parents
Great Grand Parents
James Eli & Joicie Elizabeth Swindel Mobley-
Parents of Marion Albert Mobley

I think I shall never forget the night I was introduced to them. [  2001 ] I had been working for quite a while sharing my own personal Mobley family information with Carl Williams in Orlando Florida area. He was the keeper of the Mobley website. After carefully reviewing the names, dates, etc I began to pass along the pictures via the internet. Late, late in the wee hours of the morning the last picture he shared with me was of my Mobley Great Grandparents..the parents of My Grandpa Marion Albert Mobley. I was not prepared for my emotional response. I cannot describe it. You see my grandparents were very real to me. There were multiple times growing up when my mother and siblings were  living with Grandpa and Grandma in Mershon, Ga...just DOWN THE LANE from Aunt Laura and Uncle Jack Mobley. Because they were so real to was just a small stretch to reach out and  touch my newly discovered Great Grand parents whom I actually had never known.

My husband had awakened and when he walked past me at the computer I declared:   "Sweetheart, I just met my Mobley Great Grandparents."  mmm talk about Connections!!

September 17, 2011

Charles' Bride-

Remembering a friend & neighbor in Texas: Millie Northrop was our neighbor @ 10 years-just across on the road on 2626. She prayed for us b 4 she knew us; She & Charles prayed for us Daily I am sure. Millie had such a joyful spirit-His JOY-She shared so easily-her be sure we had a taste of fresh ones in season-She knew who she was-what she believed-her role in life-her role in family was no-nonsense, practical person willing to mentor & share..if  wanted.
I will think of Millie  when I make her recipe for carrot salad and when we have Peas that remind me of the Miller  Peas she so often served for company..
I will remember her when I am in touch with Alana -knowing how she appreciated the time we spent with her grand daughter.

  I remember her good dishes & bought a cup/saucer of same pattern just b/c that's Millie's pattern.  I will think of her when I drink morning coffee from it as I did early today..the day Charles buried his Bride.  [ he often referred to her as his BRIDE.]

Millie knew the value of praying God's Word-she experienced the joy of answered prayer and the knowledge that God is Who He Says He is..God can do what He says he can, that she was who He says she was, that she could do all things through Christ and His word was real and alive in her.

 What a beautiful picture remembering how Charles served her coffee in bed early in the morning before they had their Bible study/prayer time before starting the day. She often mentioned how they worked like A TEAM.  They were like  Guardian Angels across the road..always praying - taking our needs to Him even when they were not sure what the needs were..they still prayed faithfully as they did for so many family and loved ones especially the lost or broken.

Later, beautiful person~ jwh

post script: I must remember to use spell check and take a second look at the sentence structure & punctuation-She was always the teacher ~

September 13, 2011

Believing God~

  • God is who He says He is
  • God can do what He says He can do
  • I am Who God says I am
  • I can do all things through Christ
  • God's Word is alive and active in me

[ From Beth Moore's Study " Believing God"]

September 06, 2011

A ~COOL~ Gramma

How do I find the words?  We had difficulty lingering on GRAMMA'S FRONT PORCH this morning. Remember, we are in South Alabama.  After two days of Heaven Sent Rain from tropical storm Lee, with a little wind thrown in for drama and a bit of tension to go along with the Tornado  Siren and TV weather watch ..we had to grab something with sleeves this morning.  After sleeping late I slipped out of my comfy spot, pulled on a chambray, long sleeved Auburn shirt, grabbed my coffee mug and slipped out the front door to discover the temperature was right at 60 degrees. Ah, what did I do to deserve this moment?
"Every good and perfect gift...."  Yes, it's just as easy to oooooooooh and ahhhhhhhhhhh over that near chilly outdoor air as it was  the long awaited rain the past two days.  It all comes from Him.
Nevermind- we Southerners all know the warm, even hot humid weather is not over..just let us revel in this sneak preview of wintry mornings in the deep south. 
Hey,I agree it does not take much to make me happy-even giddy with excitement. LIFE IS GOOD!  Grab it, hug it, snuggle with it, be thankful another week there will be new "gifts" to rattle on and on about.  Don't wander off too far...We'll share those with you.

September 05, 2011

Dream vs Reality

As a teenager I always wanted to look like so many other girls.  I wanted to be considered Vivacious like Faye.
I would have 'as they say" died to have clothes like Laura Jean, Joan, Charlotte and toward the end of high school what I wouldn't have given to be able to see on my feet wearing those incredible,  princess like ..ballet type flats [shoes] usually with a dainty little strap that buttoned on the side with the tiniest little pearly white button.  mmmm let's see who wore those? Linda Ann, Bonnie, Ann, Sybil- EVERYONE or so it seemed everyone except me.
Funny thing..many of those shoe styles have COME BACK in recent years.  YES! I can have those shoes that made me GREEN WITH ENVY.  Let's go shoe shopping!  Ahhhhhhh can you imagine how I felt when I looked down at my feet wearing the fantasy  of my dreams...They looked hideous. [on me]  What happened? Who played a trick on me? They killed the wonderful designers who made them just perfection in the late 50's.  This  can't be. [Big, big sigh~]

Again this reminds me of another thing I always wanted.  I shall never forget the ORCHID my sweetheart-now husband of 52 years] gave me to wear to my Junior /Senior Banquet [same as Prom]. That was the most unspeakably beautiful ORCHID I have ever seen..actually I think that might have been the first one I had seen up close. [It's okay you can laugh with me]
I don't want to ask for special things. It's is much more enjoyable to have my husband read my mind and know that I wanted him to find that orchid again..ya'll I got tired of waiting. My husband would have given me that. I don't ask. Finally at about 50 years old I got sick and tired of waiting for the mind reading feat.  One Easter Sunday I showed up at church with a yes, you guessed it the most beautiful big orchid.  People assumed he gave it to me.  He wasn't  going for that. He told the truth.  I bought it for myself.   I am completely "over" that orchid thing.  The thrill was gone- On Monday I gave it to a friend to give to a bride to be at her shower.  Someone else truly did enjoy it.

I really need to write self a note to revisit this line of thought.  There are numerous other "I always wanted" stories I will continue and share with you after I stop ROFL at myself~
post script: September 7, 2011
Another 'remember when' little story..remember when you had the rare opportunity to go to town and buy new shoes? Memorable? Yes for two reasons.  The shoes were new.  That was noteworthy,true and  they always hurt my feet.  I grew up with the thought that new shoes aways had to hurt one's feet.  You had to 'break them in" and part of that process was blisters on the heels...just part of the suffering for the blessing of new shoes I guess.  No matter how pretty they were, they were always hard, stiff and painful.  I can just "feel" the rubbing and the blisters.  It never seemed to occur to anyone to TAKE THOSE SHOES BACK TO THE STORE & get some that feel or fit better. 
Maybe that's why I so love wonderful kid glove soft fitting shoes on my feet today!
And perhaps that has something to do with my enjoying a spa pedicure so much it's gotta be sinful.. Okaayy..that can be my excuse for this extravagance! YES, that Will work.
Remember, the title is 'dream vs reality..
My high school years I sometimes refer to as A Cinderella Experience/Story! It's too long a story to share with people who know nothing of my childhood growing up years in south Georgia. I have to hit the high spots.  What became my wonderful reality could never have been a part of my dreams.  It's all about God's merciful provision in choosing people & placing them in my life -to serve His purpose.  This God thing and these special people have been a part of me..and will continue to be as long as I live.  As a very young child they made it possible for me to be in church and Sunday School regularly.  As a teenager those chosen ones were almost like guardian angels and 20th century fairy Godmothers.  Literary license taken here?  No, not much!
Frye Carson Trapunto MJ Women's Maryjane Shoes - Brown
Frye Carson Trapunto MJ Women's Maryjane Shoes - Brown

Bubbling Over~

No, No, I did not put bubble bath in the tub and leave it to run over.  The Bubbling Over is my heart. Actually it's a vanity thing.. one of the PHS Class of '59 emailed such a sweet note -I am so thrilled to know that it may be someone from my South Georgia past showing up when my blog tracker reads "Jacksonville" stopped by.
Thanks "Joan Crawford" you just made my day!  Only one other event today  competes with your note. [  the generous RAIN we have gotten yesterday and today thanks to TS Lee.]
True, I don't write or maintain my blogs to gather a  following-but there's something so surprising  and unexplainable about what an ego trip I experience when I'm able to share what I do with that elite group of people with whom I shared so much of these memorable sights, sounds and events.  They were all there.  They know what I am talking about.  And they know why a little insignificant  Georgia Girl is so thrilled with this life God has blessed us with~
looking back is sweet-it keeps my heart tender and that is something for which I have prayed for many years-that God would keep my heart tender & thankful.  He has-He does. 
Post Script:  I love you Lord & I lift my voice to worship you....O my soul, Rejoice...... [you  know the praise chorus.]


September 03, 2011


Saturday morning~I do love being awake before anyone appears to be stirring on our street. When the air is a wee bit cooler I enjoy sitting back and whispering prayers for the neighbors. Some have obvious known needs and a few I have no idea what's going on in their lives. They still need prayer to cover their day, their relationships, choices. I don't have to know anything-God is ever present-He Knows
I finish my first cup of coffee and just try to soak in the quiet, the amazing birds flitting about, the freshness of a new day and the best place to turn in my Bible at this time of day is the Psalms.
It's impossible to observe my surroundings without spotting work that needs to be done~weeds to be pulled, dry pots of asparagus ferns to be watered, plants that are needing to be trimmed back -some even need to find another home [not in my yard].

Have you ever noticed a healthy thriving plant or bush and you have no memory of planting that-it's very green, year round and growing like a weed? Neither of us claims planting it..weird! [ moving day for that bush].
This is a great time to think about loved ones, near & some far, way too far-wondering what they are doing and longing for them to be sitting here in this beautiful spot enjoying it with me.

Ahhhhhhhh, Creation & The Creator~How can anyone NOT MAKE THE CONNECTION!!
I love you Lord..thank you for loving me/us.