September 03, 2011


Saturday morning~I do love being awake before anyone appears to be stirring on our street. When the air is a wee bit cooler I enjoy sitting back and whispering prayers for the neighbors. Some have obvious known needs and a few I have no idea what's going on in their lives. They still need prayer to cover their day, their relationships, choices. I don't have to know anything-God is ever present-He Knows
I finish my first cup of coffee and just try to soak in the quiet, the amazing birds flitting about, the freshness of a new day and the best place to turn in my Bible at this time of day is the Psalms.
It's impossible to observe my surroundings without spotting work that needs to be done~weeds to be pulled, dry pots of asparagus ferns to be watered, plants that are needing to be trimmed back -some even need to find another home [not in my yard].

Have you ever noticed a healthy thriving plant or bush and you have no memory of planting that-it's very green, year round and growing like a weed? Neither of us claims planting it..weird! [ moving day for that bush].
This is a great time to think about loved ones, near & some far, way too far-wondering what they are doing and longing for them to be sitting here in this beautiful spot enjoying it with me.

Ahhhhhhhh, Creation & The Creator~How can anyone NOT MAKE THE CONNECTION!!
I love you Lord..thank you for loving me/us.

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