September 21, 2011

Remnants of Long Ago~

Do you have remnants of another time? Have you held onto a few things from your wedding day? Do You have little treasured pieces of Baby things that your little ones once used or wore or were given as gifts?
Oooooooooooookay, so maybe I am not alone.  If so you would not consider me a hoarder just a wife, mother with a drawer or perhaps a box with a few reminders of another time that are too sweet and personal to just toss away or throw into the Goodwill collection box.
I will share my goodies if you will share a few of yours.  I have the little black shiny envelope style purse from my Going Away outfit. 
That's what we called the outfit we wore when we left for our honeymoon after the wedding. Inside that little accessory is the copy of my pre- wedding blood test , a post card with a picture of the Motel where we spent the night on our wedding night, and a small printed [ Ted and Jonell Harrison] napkin from the wedding reception. Of course I still have my small White Bible I carried down the isle.  It was a gift from Mershon Baptist Church Girl's Auxiliary group. The presenter made a note inside indicating they were taking note of the fact that I had been the first President of the new organization. The price sticker left inside showed $4.95. I used it regularly until I began to need a larger print and a concordance. This little memento is on a shelf in our living room now. Naturally I have kept my Bride's Book and the dried Orchid placed inside it lasted for many years then  finally disintegrated.
We still have the Shawl blanket given for our first child..I used it for the next two babies but then got a new one when our first and only daughter was born. I think I passed that along to her years later. 
I have shared a number of baby things but Our children are not noticeably sentimental about keepsakes like this so passing along and having them used again has not worked out  well. Our three boys  got new suits..each distinctively different when they were in grade school approximately 7 1/2-8 1/2 & 10 years old. By the time they were 12 or 13 it was almost impossible to find suits for boys..this was early to mid 1970's. I kept those suits and in perfect condition passed them along to them when they had little boys .I had thought it would be so neet to have pictures of their little ones in the same suits..but then that was MY idea, not theirs.   I guess they forgot about them.  Same story with some of the boys' Scout uniforms. When our daughter was in 9th grade [ I think] she and I had a photo made together -she was wearing a Christmas red plaid shirt.  I saved it and she now has it -  in tact. Somewhere in this house there are Brownie badges that belonged to our daughter..need to think of something [soon] to do with them.
Now I ask you does that list of saved items sound like that of a hoarder? That's a rhetorical question.  I'm wondering what you have done with saved treasures? btw..I do have one blanket chest with enough clothing [mine] for a small group of girls to  have fun putting on a fashion show.  that has happened a  number of times. I don't regret hanging on to those. One of the most significant fashion items saved  is my 1972 navy polyester short short dress-sailor hangs on the inside of my bedroom closet door and a few years ago our oldest  grand daughter exclaimed "Gramma, YOU WORE THAT?" Across the room on the back side of our bedroom door is hanging the top half [blouse they called them] of one of Ted's white Navy Uniforms from the 1950s [ We have several of those] No one is going to make me feel bad about that!! I love it.  It's there but not  clutter or  a "tacky" statement. It's a slight but tasteful display of memorabilia.
I failed to mention..we have Ted's Original WEDDING BAND.  He received a new one the year of our 50th Anniversary.
One day soon I will put together a [tasteful] display of all these and photograph ..then add to this post for you.
Now,  what relics from the past  have you been able to hold onto?? It's share time.
~All In Fun,


  1. Oh yes, do I ever have a few of those treasured items. Some things just are too tender to let go. When my hubby says, "Jann, you're turning into a hoarder." I just laugh and say. I haven't had to make pathways in my home yet. If it makes us happy I say go for it baby! Thanks for visiting my blog. Loved your comment. Now following you.

  2. Lol!!! Don't come to my house! I have so many things like that. I have the cotton ball from my blood test (where they drew my blood. Maybe that's gross.)! And my kids don't care a thing about that stuff either. I wonder if the mershon baptist church is open? The only time I go there is when we need a part for a tractor so I don't know if it is or not.

  3. Anonymous9/22/2011

    Jonell ~ Your porch is stunning! I'd love to come visit you. :) I have an only child I've held onto all his school work, artwork, toys, crib, high chair, oh geez the list goes on and on... I'm laughing at the hoarder thought.
    On another note I know you're on my friends list and I'm positive I followed you so I've resigned in. Gosh hope senility isn't setting in.
    Hugs Rosemary...xx

  4. I don't think saving memories of a loved one is hoarding-if it is then I am a hoarder. I still use my grandmothers pond cake pan, though I will never be able to make one taste like hers!I have a shirt that both of my boys wore when they were babies and now I want my first great gransons picture made in it-though that will probably never happen. I guess it's o.k. that what is important to me is not important to others-it just makes it more special to be my memory.I often see things at estate sales and think how much an item meant to the one gone on-so sad. But life goes on ,as it should.


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