September 05, 2011

Dream vs Reality

As a teenager I always wanted to look like so many other girls.  I wanted to be considered Vivacious like Faye.
I would have 'as they say" died to have clothes like Laura Jean, Joan, Charlotte and toward the end of high school what I wouldn't have given to be able to see on my feet wearing those incredible,  princess like ..ballet type flats [shoes] usually with a dainty little strap that buttoned on the side with the tiniest little pearly white button.  mmmm let's see who wore those? Linda Ann, Bonnie, Ann, Sybil- EVERYONE or so it seemed everyone except me.
Funny thing..many of those shoe styles have COME BACK in recent years.  YES! I can have those shoes that made me GREEN WITH ENVY.  Let's go shoe shopping!  Ahhhhhhh can you imagine how I felt when I looked down at my feet wearing the fantasy  of my dreams...They looked hideous. [on me]  What happened? Who played a trick on me? They killed the wonderful designers who made them just perfection in the late 50's.  This  can't be. [Big, big sigh~]

Again this reminds me of another thing I always wanted.  I shall never forget the ORCHID my sweetheart-now husband of 52 years] gave me to wear to my Junior /Senior Banquet [same as Prom]. That was the most unspeakably beautiful ORCHID I have ever seen..actually I think that might have been the first one I had seen up close. [It's okay you can laugh with me]
I don't want to ask for special things. It's is much more enjoyable to have my husband read my mind and know that I wanted him to find that orchid again..ya'll I got tired of waiting. My husband would have given me that. I don't ask. Finally at about 50 years old I got sick and tired of waiting for the mind reading feat.  One Easter Sunday I showed up at church with a yes, you guessed it the most beautiful big orchid.  People assumed he gave it to me.  He wasn't  going for that. He told the truth.  I bought it for myself.   I am completely "over" that orchid thing.  The thrill was gone- On Monday I gave it to a friend to give to a bride to be at her shower.  Someone else truly did enjoy it.

I really need to write self a note to revisit this line of thought.  There are numerous other "I always wanted" stories I will continue and share with you after I stop ROFL at myself~
post script: September 7, 2011
Another 'remember when' little story..remember when you had the rare opportunity to go to town and buy new shoes? Memorable? Yes for two reasons.  The shoes were new.  That was noteworthy,true and  they always hurt my feet.  I grew up with the thought that new shoes aways had to hurt one's feet.  You had to 'break them in" and part of that process was blisters on the heels...just part of the suffering for the blessing of new shoes I guess.  No matter how pretty they were, they were always hard, stiff and painful.  I can just "feel" the rubbing and the blisters.  It never seemed to occur to anyone to TAKE THOSE SHOES BACK TO THE STORE & get some that feel or fit better. 
Maybe that's why I so love wonderful kid glove soft fitting shoes on my feet today!
And perhaps that has something to do with my enjoying a spa pedicure so much it's gotta be sinful.. Okaayy..that can be my excuse for this extravagance! YES, that Will work.
Remember, the title is 'dream vs reality..
My high school years I sometimes refer to as A Cinderella Experience/Story! It's too long a story to share with people who know nothing of my childhood growing up years in south Georgia. I have to hit the high spots.  What became my wonderful reality could never have been a part of my dreams.  It's all about God's merciful provision in choosing people & placing them in my life -to serve His purpose.  This God thing and these special people have been a part of me..and will continue to be as long as I live.  As a very young child they made it possible for me to be in church and Sunday School regularly.  As a teenager those chosen ones were almost like guardian angels and 20th century fairy Godmothers.  Literary license taken here?  No, not much!
Frye Carson Trapunto MJ Women's Maryjane Shoes - Brown
Frye Carson Trapunto MJ Women's Maryjane Shoes - Brown

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  1. Isn't it amazing the things we thought so important and life or death are not that important anymore! Ah I guess wisdom does come with age.


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