September 21, 2011

Distant Connections-Still Family~

My Introduction to My Mobley Great Grand Parents
Great Grand Parents
James Eli & Joicie Elizabeth Swindel Mobley-
Parents of Marion Albert Mobley

I think I shall never forget the night I was introduced to them. [  2001 ] I had been working for quite a while sharing my own personal Mobley family information with Carl Williams in Orlando Florida area. He was the keeper of the Mobley website. After carefully reviewing the names, dates, etc I began to pass along the pictures via the internet. Late, late in the wee hours of the morning the last picture he shared with me was of my Mobley Great Grandparents..the parents of My Grandpa Marion Albert Mobley. I was not prepared for my emotional response. I cannot describe it. You see my grandparents were very real to me. There were multiple times growing up when my mother and siblings were  living with Grandpa and Grandma in Mershon, Ga...just DOWN THE LANE from Aunt Laura and Uncle Jack Mobley. Because they were so real to was just a small stretch to reach out and  touch my newly discovered Great Grand parents whom I actually had never known.

My husband had awakened and when he walked past me at the computer I declared:   "Sweetheart, I just met my Mobley Great Grandparents."  mmm talk about Connections!!

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