September 06, 2011

A ~COOL~ Gramma

How do I find the words?  We had difficulty lingering on GRAMMA'S FRONT PORCH this morning. Remember, we are in South Alabama.  After two days of Heaven Sent Rain from tropical storm Lee, with a little wind thrown in for drama and a bit of tension to go along with the Tornado  Siren and TV weather watch ..we had to grab something with sleeves this morning.  After sleeping late I slipped out of my comfy spot, pulled on a chambray, long sleeved Auburn shirt, grabbed my coffee mug and slipped out the front door to discover the temperature was right at 60 degrees. Ah, what did I do to deserve this moment?
"Every good and perfect gift...."  Yes, it's just as easy to oooooooooh and ahhhhhhhhhhh over that near chilly outdoor air as it was  the long awaited rain the past two days.  It all comes from Him.
Nevermind- we Southerners all know the warm, even hot humid weather is not over..just let us revel in this sneak preview of wintry mornings in the deep south. 
Hey,I agree it does not take much to make me happy-even giddy with excitement. LIFE IS GOOD!  Grab it, hug it, snuggle with it, be thankful another week there will be new "gifts" to rattle on and on about.  Don't wander off too far...We'll share those with you.


  1. Where about in LA are you?

  2. mmm my memory is failing me..did I or did I NOT reply to this question? Oh well if I have my attention 2 times girl..We are just below Montgomery Alabama..about an hour/south of-8 miles south of Troy and Troy University. Actually I often compare our weather with Alma, Ga and we are quite often very close to the same in day/night temperatures. will be over there THIS FRIDAY in BLACKSHEAR FOR A HIGH SCHOOL CLASS gathering..yeah, we like each other-meet often as we can;annually now. If you want to SURPRISE someone u hv never met in person look up Darrell Thomas' pond house, Blackshear..that's where we will be Nov 4th,Friday from 2 p.m. until>
    ~all in fun,


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