September 05, 2011

Bubbling Over~

No, No, I did not put bubble bath in the tub and leave it to run over.  The Bubbling Over is my heart. Actually it's a vanity thing.. one of the PHS Class of '59 emailed such a sweet note -I am so thrilled to know that it may be someone from my South Georgia past showing up when my blog tracker reads "Jacksonville" stopped by.
Thanks "Joan Crawford" you just made my day!  Only one other event today  competes with your note. [  the generous RAIN we have gotten yesterday and today thanks to TS Lee.]
True, I don't write or maintain my blogs to gather a  following-but there's something so surprising  and unexplainable about what an ego trip I experience when I'm able to share what I do with that elite group of people with whom I shared so much of these memorable sights, sounds and events.  They were all there.  They know what I am talking about.  And they know why a little insignificant  Georgia Girl is so thrilled with this life God has blessed us with~
looking back is sweet-it keeps my heart tender and that is something for which I have prayed for many years-that God would keep my heart tender & thankful.  He has-He does. 
Post Script:  I love you Lord & I lift my voice to worship you....O my soul, Rejoice...... [you  know the praise chorus.]


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