September 23, 2011

Distinctively Vintage~

Look what I have managed to hold onto over the years!  At the very top is the OLDEST from High School. Next is the shiny black patent envelope bag that was part of my GOING AWAY OUTFIT after our Wedding. Next the Gold Mesh like material from the 1970's. To the left at the bottom I THINK this little black treasure may have been from the 1960's. [Oh well, I can't remember everything] Bottom Right is a dandy little "almost antique" bag I bought for resale along with five more when we tagged along with the LONGEST YARD SALE last year in August 2010. I meant to sell those [5] oldies but customers have had their chance-brought two of them home.  Our Grand daughter Dylan borrowed one of the Vintage ones for this year's Prom. Now that I think of it all of those I have saved ARE what does that make Gramma- Vintage or Antique?
~All In Fun,

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