September 17, 2011

Charles' Bride-

Remembering a friend & neighbor in Texas: Millie Northrop was our neighbor @ 10 years-just across on the road on 2626. She prayed for us b 4 she knew us; She & Charles prayed for us Daily I am sure. Millie had such a joyful spirit-His JOY-She shared so easily-her be sure we had a taste of fresh ones in season-She knew who she was-what she believed-her role in life-her role in family was no-nonsense, practical person willing to mentor & share..if  wanted.
I will think of Millie  when I make her recipe for carrot salad and when we have Peas that remind me of the Miller  Peas she so often served for company..
I will remember her when I am in touch with Alana -knowing how she appreciated the time we spent with her grand daughter.

  I remember her good dishes & bought a cup/saucer of same pattern just b/c that's Millie's pattern.  I will think of her when I drink morning coffee from it as I did early today..the day Charles buried his Bride.  [ he often referred to her as his BRIDE.]

Millie knew the value of praying God's Word-she experienced the joy of answered prayer and the knowledge that God is Who He Says He is..God can do what He says he can, that she was who He says she was, that she could do all things through Christ and His word was real and alive in her.

 What a beautiful picture remembering how Charles served her coffee in bed early in the morning before they had their Bible study/prayer time before starting the day. She often mentioned how they worked like A TEAM.  They were like  Guardian Angels across the road..always praying - taking our needs to Him even when they were not sure what the needs were..they still prayed faithfully as they did for so many family and loved ones especially the lost or broken.

Later, beautiful person~ jwh

post script: I must remember to use spell check and take a second look at the sentence structure & punctuation-She was always the teacher ~

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