September 12, 2013

Falling Into Fall 2013

Ahhhh Another Season- 
Just a while ago I thought we might be rushing the Fall season-
Now here we are just days away from what our calendars tell us is officially
Autumn or Fall
Which word do you prefer?
I usually call this simply
But I must admit I do love  the word 

While I am most definitely a 
I find I am not ready for all the wonderful changes I love making around me
That's why I refer to  what is happening [ or not ] as
Confession time my Blogger friends
You Can make a difference with a little touch here and there
When you cannot find the wonderful little fall accents in the attic and
Your local stores can't seem to get the new Fall inventory onto the shelves
You can still perk things up with a few basics-
We'll just call it Minimal Decorating
~not "making do"..
This is intentional
[I hope my Falling into Fall will encourage you who like me may have been overwhelmed with LIFE
recently and thought you might just SKIP THIS SEASON ]

This setting is much the same year round
The wild life and natural gourds and baskets are basic
I just swap out seasonal accents [like the pumpkins]
as the seasons call for a little change

Remember that beautiful fresh wreath you  splurged on for fall 2012?
It can represent your "good taste" as a
FOR 2013

Yes I do love that once a year extravagant fresh wreath but
It is so neet to be able to pull out a good silk fall wreath from the Attic Stash-
It covers nicely until I can make that annual Fresh Wreath purchase

Keeping it simple again-
Just a little natural/gourds, some basic Fiestaware,
a little Dollar Store, a small treasured gift,
several flea market finds [always!]
and of course

* Special invitation for you to join
Second Annual Fall Home Tour

Looking Forward,

September 08, 2013

Keep It Simple Small Bath Ideas

A Realistic use of  the space and  Keeping it Simple -
The end result is a Fresh, Clean, Uncluttered small bath
With just a W h i s p e r  of Luxury

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Heather's for Tips & Tricks Tuesday

Actually we DID DO THAT- Sooooooooooooo we spent $500. to relocate the toilet in order to make use of the over the head space on the wall. The right hardware made possible the floating shelves. Even I could do that!
And...what's not to like about the subway tiles?
Did I mention  I love Black  & White?

We went with the Keep it Simple plan...
 I forgot to mention that I invested in a new, [tastefully feminine]  shower curtain - reduced at World Market.

We had a choice. We could whine and complain that our main bathroom [mine] was too small
and a remodel would be a major expense we could not afford to tackle...Or we could make the best of what we had
We chose to focus on  the wonderful old lavatory- pedestal sink.
 That's a good thing in a small bathroom. 
The floor is those old 1inch tiles from 'days gone by'. 
We could work with that!