November 27, 2010

Time Out~

~Time Out for an overnight trip with a group of lovely lovely ladies from church as we attend a Beth Moore Conference [Deeper Still ] in Birmingham..Friday and Saturday.

After two days of wonderful thinking, teaching, talking, laughing,sharing and amazing Worship with Music surely I will be inspired to leave a few thoughts to share with you.

mmm perhaps a few pictures too~we shall see!

The Days~The Season

God is so Good! Loving the excitement in the air...typical November in the deep south weather-sunny, a cool crisp fall feel and just enough breeze now and then.

 God really knows how to MAKE DAYS, doesn't he?

The old folks climbed into the attic this morning~hauled down the containers filled with strings of lights and other decorations for inside and outdoors.  The chore we mastered with the greatest amount of pride was  getting the [boxed] 9ft. tall Christmas tree down the attic stairs.  Actually it was easy all because of the way my helper had ingenuously wrapped,knotted and tied the box with a rope.  He held the free end while the long heavy box just slid down to the kitchen floor.  That knot tying course in the Navy comes in quite handy at times. 

While we aren't aiming to get the indoor project done until mid week we will be fairly organized now..the tree is together out on the screened in side porch..waiting for me to do the magic shaping and as my friend "Shirley" says FLUFFING up the branches. I have to be careful not to get ahead of myself..

This is the plan:  The outdoor lights and displays comes first..then the HOUSE CLEANING and finally the indoor decorations..sounds like a good plan.  I will let us know how it plays out. [to be continued]

November 17, 2010

Dancing Around -

All those ideas, the plans! It's that time again! Ahhhhhhh, Christmas!

mmm ..what am I planning..1st open house at Themarketplace-CLEANING at the  Harrison House,Thanksgiving at Johnny  & Loretta's, the stuff FROM THE ATTIC comes down -is fluffed , untangled, strung in place & put the right space....I know it's way too much - I  do SO ENJOY IT WHEN IT'S DONE! We both look forward to the  first night [just before dark] when Ted and I light all those candles in the bags/w sand.
We enjoy having OTHERS ENJOY our efforts..
Ahhhhh Christmas!!

Yes, I know, I know..Thanksgiving is not here yet but we do have to think ahead, right?
I am not going to totally skip The Season of Giving Thanks~ You do know we celebrate that all year long..I am made thankful daily as I observe life, Creation and people around me.

So..that's sounding like we'll be flipping the pages from Turkey Day to Jesus' Birth  for several all means~Let's celebrate!

[to be continued..]

November 12, 2010

Thankful Thursday-November 2010

Of course I am Thankful..that's a gift God gave me ~a Thankful Heart-even during dificult times.
I am so thankful for a husband to laugh with, who can still change  at 73 years old and who still treats me like a lady.  I don't even think I present as "a ladylike" person but my husband makes me feel special  like "a lady". 
Just this week as we ran back and forth to doctors' appointments I decided as we drove down the highway that I just really needed a cold drink.  No, he didn't want one but pulled off at the first opportunity.  I reached for the door handle and some money and he said: "I'll get it." And there I sat "like some special person" while he took care of my petty little wishes...returning with just the right a cup,not a can and on ice not in a bottle.
Now, how could I possible be anything but THANKFUL with a sweetheart like that? never gets old: I am so thankful for our three sons, and daughter.  Three of them are married and this year I get to say I am also humbly thankful for our oldest son's [never married] sweetheart who is becoming a wonderful part of our family already.  No, we don't know what the future holds there  but we sure are pleased with the way things look now. Everybody need's someone...especially men. God knew what He was doing when He planned this Family Thing,didn't He?

That Thankful expression wouldn't be complete without including our two daughters in law and our favorite son in law..Praise the Lord for  wonderful loving mates for our children. Quite honestly when I refer to "our children" that includes their spouses too..they are all 'ours', Our Family!
Did I mention the weather..Fall has been unusually beautiful in the deep south this year.