September 28, 2011

It's A Party~

A Rainy Day down south- Amen and thank you God!  Waking up to the sounds of rumbling ruffles of thunder and  heavy drizzle of rain showering all around us-what could be better?   Can we just keep this going all day? Grab that Coffee mug and hold on as we soak in creation. It's ever so gently  wrapped around us.  And the birds are not calling off their party because of inclimate weather.  They are a special part of this CREATION CELEBRATION. 

My husband cautioned me not to expect any blooms until October-
The first few showed up about September 28th or 29th.
I'd call that: Right on time~

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  1. This post just updated on my blog this morning, even though I notice by the date it's older. Well better late than never! I am glad you got rain, we finally got a MUCH needed one! Lovely yellow flowers, what are they?


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