October 14, 2011

...and God Created Autumn~

...and God created AUTUMN...a time to shop the roadsides and nearby woods for unique & often overlooked naturals-things of beauty growing in the ground, winding around trees or along fences or old fence posts. Don't forget the falling leaves - as their colors turn they turn loose. 
When it's time for parties & family gatherings out comes my  plan for decorating, creating a festive environment that says to   guests: " We knew you  were coming and are so glad you are here!"
For some  that means trips  to Michael's or Hobby Lobby.  I love those too.. But my all time favorite place to shop for decorating supplies is God's Glorious outdoors. 
This project moved us to venture out today on the golf cart to  cruise nearby wooded acres.  I like whipping around  in the little buggy..short trips to the shop on Main Street or checking out  not so far away neighborhoods along the railroad track.  I'm not sure we are "legal" for city streets [ no horn, no turn signals] but who's going to stop a couple of old folksFor this  outing today we checked out  potential pecan harvest near the baseball park, then went looking for interesting greenery, cones, pods or vines in the woods.  I have my list of naturals  but I also like to survey the woods for  backup materials. [ plan B]
My Plan A includes knocking on a door near the post office and meekly asking  a stranger if I could relieve them of just one or two of the beautiful branches from the tree in their front yard. The rest of the ride was dodging hanging vines dipping head first down ditches and hanging on for dear life when my driver takes sharp turns tearing into spots that bring out the 'girl' in me.  My pleas fall on deaf ears  because he is confident or  not  thinking  I am the one who goes flying into the thick brush if he turns too sharply.  I'm a whimp-he knows what he's doing~ always does .
Did I  mention the wonderful  cool breezes?  We spotted the most perfect spot for a house and a perfect litte 5-6 ft Cedar Christmas Tree. Maybe someone else who still uses a real tree will stumble upon it at just the right time  closer to the Christmas time. All these years we had a real tree until 2006 when we moved to Brundidge I  made the change to a slim line artificial tree that touches the 9 ft. ceiling.  So there- I am not too old to change!
July 2011-Samantha & Pop Cleaning up the GC~
Happy shopping in Gods creation!

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