October 15, 2011

Well, Have You EVER??

The answer is: "No, I never, but I always wanted to." This post idea was inspired by Ree Drummond on her site http://thepioneerwoman.com .  Ree posted the statement  "I am forty two years old and have never...." with the challenge to add your own.
mmmm let’s see now what I can do with this. I am 70 years old and have never:

1.Never Been to Disney World ,The Grand Canyon, New York City, Canada, California,      Washington D.C. , Mexico or  Europe
2. Never vacationed in the Mountains or seen a Broadway show/play
3..Been On a Cruise or on a Riverboat Cruise [ A 2 hr Bellengrath Gardens boat ride doesn't count as a cruise]
4.. Received a REAL ORCHID from my husband since our wedding day
5. Never had FALSE TEETH -not even a Bridge, Never been bald
6.. Never had a diamond bracelet or diamond earrings [I like Vintage Costume jewelry]
7.  Never had Cancer -  a heart attack , high blood pressure, a stroke-  nor diabetes
8. Never had twins - but I was born a twin
9.Never  been Divorced nor wanted to be divorced. Never wanted any husband other than the prince charming God gave me
10.Never had an 8 lb baby..All ours were 9lb 15 oz -10 1/2 lbs-no kidding!
11. Never had a 50th Wedding Anniversary Celebration
12.. Never been a Miss America- but who needs that I was Miss PHS 1957 and every other title that starts with a Miss during high school,  usually while wearing a BORROWED evening gown. Can we add Star Student award/scholarship and FFA Sweetheart to that? This is only something one can do when you are 70 years old. Any younger and it's in such bad taste.

Postscript: But I have:
[ Sub title Life is Good! ]

  • Lived in 8 states Georgia, Florida, Alabama, Mississippi, Kentucky, Indiana, Arkansas, Texas
  • In 1959-Traveled by car ALONE [18 1/2 yrs old] shortly after we married from Demopolis, Alabama to Virginia Beach, Virginia-frightened but determined not to show it. My husband was in Virginia. That was my motivation.
  • Experienced knowing each of my children, their spouses and each grandchild made a decision to accept Christ
  • Production & Acting in Community Theater,Organization of a Dinner Theater in Ky.
  • Produced, staged, Narrated & modeled in Fashion Shows
  • Been a Homeroom Mother, PTA President &Cultural Enrichment Group,  president of numerous groups & community organizations.
  • Visited the state of Maine once-Had lunch in a MacDonald's restaurant in Maine..in a small Victorian style house on a street lined with unimaginable fall foliage in October
  • Been a Sunday School Teacher -all ages
  • Vacation Bible School teacher & usually Director more times than I can count
  • Hosted Weekend Youth Retreats on the farm in Texas- High School Girls Only
  • Organized, promoted and operated Monthly Market Days in our OLD BARN in Texas
  • Sold Radio Station Advertising In Montgomery, Al..-not good memories,Cosmetic Company Sales Manager & Franchise owner-Worked in Retail; Drugs, Dept. Store, Furniture. Dept Store Window Dressing, Sales in a Furniture Store-Antique Business,Owned & managed a Restaurant with my husband
  • Produced Christmas Programs for Church ,Christian School & Church Office Manager
  • Been to a Mardi Gras Ball
  • Been on Television-at least 3 or 4 times Organized & promoted a Bozo the Clown show for children in Eldorado, Arkansas
  • A public speaker, charity fund raiser, organizer-does this qualify me to be President?
  • Taken a vacation without my husband and with 3  boys [before our daughter was born] under  6 years old-all the way to Tampa Florida, up to south Georgia and back to Alabama in a station wagon-before seat belts
  • Another vacation from Kentucky to south Alabama with 4 children-Dad joined us later for this one.
  • Met Pat Boone and Anita Bryant and B.J. Thomas in Monroe, La. Got my books signed by Pat Boone and Anita Bryant.
  • Walked alongside  Michael Landon at the Louisville, Ky. airport-early 1970's..Deanna pointed him out: "Mom, it's Little Joe!" He heard her, looked down and smiled & winked at her. He was wearing heather grey slacks-flared/bell bottom and a heather grey long sleeve crew neck "cashmere" I am sure sweater.
  • Stood beside "Dr. Ruth" at an airport gift shop [ I'm not bragging...but  I do remember]
  • Learned a beautiful chorus "I love you Lord" from a very young grandson Ethan.
  • I survived  four grandsons' visiting us at the farm in Texas ..all at the same time   [my idea]
  • Spent some  time on the Gulf Coast at the Beach -divine if you choose the right month
  • known some incredible people in the ministry -privileged to be close to many of them
  • Attended  Beth Moore, Kay Arthur, Priscilla Schirrer women's conferences
  • had some amazing BEST FRIENDS like Shirley & Angela.
  • Finally got to spend some quality time with my sister Gwen after all these years and so few visits.
  • Did I mention My Cinderella High School Years? This had to be God's Hand in my life.
  • THE most memorable job of my life was my last workplace experience. I was placed in the middle of all younger adults in an office where without exception families and individual lives could easily be described as TRAIN WRECKS..I pray I made a difference. At least one of those has managed to climb out of the wreckage and build a good life. Praise God!
  • This would be a starter list-I guess when you have lived 70+ years you get to do many things. I pray some of it will have been meaningful~of eternal value.
  • ~to be continued
~All In Fun,

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