October 20, 2011

Old Things Like New Again~

Just a short history hereTed said "No, I don't remember where we found it/bought it, and no I don't remember how much we paid for it.  I just know we have hauled it all over the country with us as we have moved."
He's right. We have. And I remember every single time I personally moved the scales into a new spot whenever we had moved into another home.  It is so heavy I always said It only gets placed once. Every time I got in a big hurry and took things into my own hands rather than wait for help..there was  significant back strain. That was my fault. I do get impatient though when I am working out these urgent matters . [decorating]
Now for the facts- We found the Toledo scales in an old antique store in north Arkansas [circa 1978] during the time we lived in Crossett, Arkansas   and paid a whopping $20. for it.  It had been painted a gosh awful  blue which I hated and had rusting and peeling paint areas, however; the scales weighed accurately.
When we moved to Brundidge from southeast Texas 5 1/2 years ago the scales were stored outside and truthfully I had completely given up on ever having them in the house again..As always, my dear husband is at least two steps ahead and came up with a plan.  He took it to an auto paint and body shop about 6 months ago and left is with the understanding that it better measure up to his wife's expectations. He was given a price of $100. and we thought that was fine.  After several visits to check up on the job and finding nothing had been done I had about given up [AGAIN] on having it done. The business changed hands during this time and no one ever called us. It turns out the new owner didn't have our contact info and felt for sure we would come by because no one would let that treasure get away.  He was right.  One more time we checked on them -they finished it and Ted paid him the $50. he asked for the job.  Yippee~ That made it even sweeter. You know I am a cheapskate! 


  1. When i realized what you were talking about i had to jump on Dyl's computer because i knew my phone would not do this picture justice!! MOM!! that looks awesome!!

    At the risk of sounding bratty but to avoid confusion one day in the future I want to go on record as being the first to say (in writing)......MINE!!

    I wondered where it was when we were there but i either kept forgetting to ask you or i did ask you and forgot....yes i know what that is a sign of............

  2. Omy..I am giddy with excitement; My daughter wants something of my old stuff! Its done sweetheart; I am so very glad you want it. I was visualizing it in a whopping big yard sale after I'm gone.
    When I get my [2] bogs printed in book form you can turn to this comment and show whomever it concerns & say: "It's Mine..Mom gave it to me, so there.!"
    Just for 'this' record: "I love you dearly my wonderful, beautiful, gifted daughter."


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