October 30, 2011

Family Gathering ~ His & Hers

[It couldn't have come together without the help of my husband.]
A family gathering [honoring our son Steve and his soon to be  Bride Carol ] came together without a hitch.. to be more literal [truthful] without  glitches that couldn't be overcome or overlooked. No more yardage of burlap ..buy the whole bolt next time! My oven thermostat quit on me. How do you make Cornbread [goes with Chili] without an oven? You live across the street from a lovely neighbor who leaves you the house key and use her oven! Thanks Dee!  The alternate plan for cooking the appetizer [ outdoor grill] doesn't produce the desired effect ..result not as planned so whaddya do?  You say "oh well" and forget it then move on to the main event. Everyone has arrived, time to  Greet & Ask the Blessing ...then I discover my CAMERA is [temporarily] lost!  David: "MOM, we all have cameras on our phones." Of course!!!!!!!!!  I will share my pics taken earlier in the day and hope family members share those taken that night and I will add those for you when available.
Primitive island built from [1906]
kitchen floor of the Tx. farmhouse-
utilized for drink service-old  enamel
dish pan  holds ice.
[after discarding supplies and washing]

Table for 8> burlap overlay, Silver/Gold pie pumpkins,
fresh cedar, sweet gum multi shades of fall leaves,
tallow berries, freshly fallen leaves from our yard,
real nuts from my kitchen, sprigs of unidentified
 wild flowers and numerous little candle lites-
Natural beauty mostly from nearby wooded area.

Pictures taken earlier in the day-NO, we didn't
 forget the  relocate the WATER HOSE.
I had to share this with you.  Mid morning Ted
observed that one bench seemed a little less
than trustworthy but quickly added
 "I can make a new one..it will only take half an hour."
And....HE DID!
 Gramma's antique QUILT becomes a TABLECLOTH.
The smaller overlay is burlap and centerpiece a
Natural mix of numerous  offerings from NATURE
nearby, including but not limited to..painted &
unpainted pumpkins, nuts, tallow berries,Cedar sprigs,
Sweet gum branches and newly fallen leaves from my
own yard- w candle lites.
Daytime pics didn't catch the oh so neet silver lanterns
  Lowe's was kind enough to put on sale a few weeks ago..
Perhaps we'll  light the lanterns tonight & take more pictures.
Sure, I can do that!!
The cropped version of the round table centerpiece-don'tcha love it!!

You  will have to imagine all my [bright, bold colors] FIESTAWARE added to this setting-unless a family member shows up with  pictures taken at night with place settings of winter green, orange, shades of yellow, even a couple of red -GOT FIESTAWARE? USE IT~


  1. I love it-of course I love all natural decorations. I just bought burlap to make a tablecloth for Thanksgiving.That is a beautiful quilt on the table. I bet everything was real pretty with the Fiesta dishes added.

  2. Yes, my intent is to buy more burlap soon as I find it again..did not realize it is such a "seasonal" thing. Decorating is no problem-just have to keep SUPPLIES on hand-I can usually come up with something from the wooded areas & roadside ditches even.Thank you so much for checking me out..it's always nice to know "someone's coming by" isn't it!!
    Fun, Fun,

  3. shirley power11/01/2011

    trying to leave comment. of course, i love it. am glad you got to AL with the stone. sometimes i just sit and think in my mind how it "all" looked and how it felt.S


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