October 31, 2011

She's A Doll~ Pin Cushion

She's a chalkware top half of a lady.  Her Skirt functions as a Pin cushion.
Her eyes are Blue.  She's holding a bouquet with both hands.  Her face [the
Chalkware surface] is less than perfect.She has afancy up-do hair style.
something a Victorian lady would choose for a formalaffair. The fabric of her
dress is a lightweight taffeta like material. Everything about her is worn,
faded,  a bit tattered and aged. Her skirt is about the size of a powder
box a lady would have used on her 'dressing table.  She has 'had a life.'


  1. msfhs57@yahoo.com11/01/2011

    i am a follower of yours, and i think she is a reminder of yesteryear and she is beautiful--S

  2. She is beautiful! Isn't it wonderful to collect such lovely treasures! Thank you for visiting - I picked Delightsome - one of my favorite words in the Bible - it occurs once.
    Hope you have a blessed weekend,

  3. Would you indulge me and give me the Chpt & Verse for this lyrical, whimsical, delightful word Kathy?


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