October 22, 2011

Let's Find Dad Something To Do ~

When we have a crowd and eat on the deck or patio this
area is usually utilized for serving-Ted suggested he make
this basically permanent by attaching to the [lower level]
of the deck floor.  Great Job!
This antique baby bed was planted with IRISES at the farmhouse in Texas
and traveled with us for the move back to Alabama over 5 years ago.
This has been my PLAN all along. He made the bed frame,added the first
layer of  soil -more to come-Next comes the bulbs. His suggestion is to
put the bulbs in theground &[for springs flowering] and get some
ornamentals down to enjoy during the cool weather months..now does that
sound like a PLAN!?
Well, It looks like PROGRESS to us! This antique Syrup Pan
[like those we used in south Georgia during the 1900's & earlier]
also came with us in the move from the farm in Southeast
Texas five plus years ago.
Yes, the intent from the beginning
has been to use it as the lower element of a three part
The plan is to use an antique PUMP for the top element and in
the middle emptying into the syrup pan an antique
We found a water pump & started choosing plants..
definitely not finished with that selection more  to come.
I am not complaining about everything being unfinished.
Postscript: This is so much fun.  If you will look carefully at the picture of the water feature project toward the area behind it ..[another project]  That's where my Wisteria covered  /reading hideaway  [arbor] will be soon.  The WISTERIA is already growing beautifully and we now have the posts for framing it up. It is to be an L shaped structure making it possible to be comfortable no matter the time of day and direction of the sun. [ notice the purple color is the color of the Wisteria blooms ]


  1. I like the beginnings of your water feature-there is nothing like the sound of water in a garden.Your "flower bed" is cute too.

  2. Thanks, it's a start & I am thrilled to be making progress-can't wait!


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