October 20, 2011

The Recipe~

Remember the TV show The Waltons? Remember the two sisters who kept the moonshine supply going and distributed it as The Recipe? They were rather naive-didn't know the beverage their Papa had made and shared was moonshine because he referred to it as the Recipe.  Okay enough of that. Here's my Recipe for very cool weather in the deep south.
Grab your favorite mug and make yourself a big cup of Hot Chocolate..then do whatever makes you feel amazing.  For me sometimes its a warm afgan & a television show, sometimes it's a book I'm wanting to read or finish and other times it's a chair on the front porch  checking out the neighbors, their yards or just to listen to the birds do their thing.
Here's my #1 favorite hand thrown pottery mug, so big and wonderfully shaped I just love wrapping my hands around the warm shape and  settling into the moment. I couldn't figure out how to take a picture of me/hands just holding onto the mug but I did come up with something for you~
We don't do instant, premixed hot chocolate at my house-
You should ask for the recipe.

One year at Chrismastime in Jasper, Tx. My friend Brenda and I
both wanted to take home [buy] these mugs [there were 4] &
we were both so passionate about it we finally settled on a plan:
I took two and Brenda took the other two.  Silly women-wonderful
memories of some fabulous friends~[Shirley & Brenda B ]

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  1. shirley power11/01/2011

    yes, i remember the mugs. saw Brenda coupla days ago. i'll ask her if she still has hers.


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